The Beloved

"Deep in my soul I heard the laughter of God, ringing in silvery cadences
through the timbers of my being, breaking the human bonds and
limitations as a strong yet gentle wind in the forest sweeps aside the
strands of cobweb...I stood before the infinite peals of laughter, which
flowed through all creation like floods of golden mist, filled with
speechless wonder at the beauty of the world I had lived in--which had
been invisible because of my separation...And the glorious laughter
rolled on, searching the very joints and marrow of me--dislodging
every belief in fear, sickness or age.  The voice,  as its honeyed tones
flowed out like a burst of sunshine through storm-clouds, was so unlabored,
so untrammelled, and so Divinely indifferent,
it seemed to envelope me with an instant realization that
all was well...."

Walter Lanyon
"The Laughter of God"