Awake, o thou that sleepest!

And GOD shall give thee Light!

"Impeccability, Integrity and Responsibility"

As you move into the new millennium, frequencies on your world are accelerating - pressures stepping up spiritually as well as in all other kingdoms - and human evolution - progression -  is occurring quite rapidly. There are some very important issues that each of you as individuals should hold very close to your heart. It is important to take these ideas within yourself so they become a part of you. These ideas are: Impeccability, Integrity, and Responsibility.

As the frequencies on your world accelerate, many of you are finding that things are being reflected back to you
very quickly. You may say or think something and it comes back quickly, even more so than ten years ago! Have
you begun noticing this? Therefore, you need to be saying to yourself, "I need to be a little bit more
careful about the thoughts that I put out and the hidden agendas I may have within myself that I am not aware of."

You are being given a key to moving into the new millennium with grace in such a way that you will cause the
least amount of pain for yourself and your loved ones.

The first key is impeccability.

Impeccability means that every action you take, every communication you say, must be with the intent to perfectly
align with the you that you wish to become or are in the process of becoming. You must do a lot of soul searching,
especially in the direction of "hidden agendas".  All humans have them. They are nothing to be ashamed of. A "hidden agenda" could be something as simple as the priority of keeping oneself safe. Therefore, when you act without integrity (for example), it might simply be a way that your ego thinks it can help to keep you safe. This "hidden agenda" is nothing to be ashamed about, but it does need to be recognized because ultimately a lack of integrity will get you into a lot of trouble!

If you can begin to recognize the things in yourself that you want to protect (such as fears or old patterns that
no longer serve you), you can begin acting and expressing yourself in all areas of life with impeccability.
Impeccability simply means acting in total alignment with the higher aspects of who you really are beyond the ego.
 You do not have to monitor yourself to the point of a headache. Simply take a look at and make yourself aware of your weak areas. On a day-to-day basis, begin to resolutely bring these areas into balance. If you begin to understand these weak areas, own them. Say, "Now I will use this aspect of myself as a learning tool in order to come into balance with the higher aspect of who I am".

Impeccability then leads to integrity.

Integrity is the by-product of impeccability. Integrity means that your actions are aligned with this perfectly balanced aspect of who you are. Integrity is the idea of walking your talk, staying in the heart, and not being afraid of being your full self even if you think it may hurt another.  It is also not being afraid of being your full self even if you think it may hurt YOU:  THAT YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR WORDS AND YOUR ACTIONS ALL ARE GIVING THE SAME MESSAGE, i.e., if the thoughts are saying "I'm upset" and the words are saying "Oh, it was nothing" and the face has a stilted grin or forced laughter, that is NOT integrity.  If you really don't want to be with anyone but the words are saying "Oh, sure, come on over" and when they get there you hug and say, "It's wonderful to see you" or some other totally embracing statement like "O, it's nothing" or "no bother",  that infers no imposition whatsoever, that is NOT integrity.  But if you can admit you had another agenda but you CHOOSE to do "this" instead - for them - , THAT is integrity.  Integrity thinks "I'm upset", says "I'm upset" and is then willing to take whatever responsibility that brings about - whether it hurts you or the other person according to who is responsible for the upsetting.  You may be responsible, in which case, integrity calls for admitting - to the other party and to yourself - that you are.  If they truly are responsible, one must be willing to walk it out to reconciliation - if an honest one - or forgiveness even if the relationship itself is impaired.  One cannot continuously hide the true feelings and be a person of integrity.  Showing your true inner person is redemptive and healing - to yourself, to others.  There is something about being real that is engaging and special.  It creates respect - within and without.   If you can be your full self with love (not with anger), it causes the other person to see a reflection of who they truly are.

A commitment to impeccability leads to acting with integrity. This requires just little steps to begin. Eventually you will feel that it is second nature to you. Then, once you begin acting with integrity, it leads you into becoming

a responsible human being.

Let us define what we mean by responsibility. Let us say that I break this window accidentally. If I say, "You did
it because you made me fling my arm toward the window", I am blaming you. I am telling you that you
are responsible. Perhaps I may say, "I am such a bad person. I do everything wrong. The broken window is my
fault." In that case, I am blaming me. This is not taking responsibility. This is placing blame, and anchoring in the

Responsibility is entirely connected to the self. You must take responsibility for your actions and emotions no
matter "who" is at cause. True responsibility comes from the commitment to impeccability and the acting with
integrity. This creates a self-responsible individual. The aspect of you that goes beyond the human ego (such as
the higher self) is an entirely impeccable, integrous, and responsible consciousness. This is who you really are.

As you move now into the new millennium, THESE THREE ISSUES WILL BE FOLLOWING BEHIND YOU VERY CLOSELY.  Sometimes they will bite you in the butt! If you are not willing to look at them, you will find that your own personal transformation may become a little bit difficult.

This brings us then to the idea of contact with other life forms. This is an interest for many of you. How can the
principles that we've just outlined enhance the idea of contact? Let us simply say that when we are talking about
contact we are talking about contact in many forms. It may be ET contact; it may be contact with your higher self
or spirit guides.  It can also be contact with each other!  IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

If you utilize the principles of Impeccability, Integrity, and Responsibility in any attempts at contact, the resultant
contact will be a contact of impeccability, integrity, and responsibility for you will be drawing to you another being of equal frequency or higher. Therefore, the contact or relationship that you build from that point onward will be one that you would term "healthy".  You are the definer of who your contact(s) will be by the practice and living out of your life daily - moment by moment.

Our lives define and determine the types of relationships we seek and the type of relationships that we will have. What we seek is what we will get.   These three components - impeccability, integrity, responsibility - create a field of equality in which all contact and relationships become healthy ones - inside and out. As all of you know, this is truly the road to any of the higher potentials that you wish to create on Earth. If you can create that field of equality where there is no separation, demonization, victimization, or deification, you make that conscious step into the next phase of your evolutionary growth.

You will find, as simplistic as it may sound, that these are the building blocks of a healthy [spiritual] future within yourself and between each other. These principles are the glue that holds you all together.   You will not rise higher than your treatment of others and your relationships with others in a spirit of deep communion and truth among and between each one.  You are going nowhere alone.
Yet, each alone can work at bringing him/herself into the place where their impeccable, integrous and responsible lives will invite the same in return - from God and from their fellows.


Take her/me higher, Lord

"Until I find myself in Thee"

Rodin's  "The Kiss"