Having written a treatise called, Enochian Walks in 1694, and having dealt therein with the universal restoration of all mankind, along with the fallen angels, many objections were raised from the illuminated and regenerated as much as from the unenlightened and unregenerate.(3) Which point being not so fully cleared up in that discourse as might satisfy the objectors, I found myself obliged to give a further account concerning this matter, from the deepest ground of revelation that opened itself in me.

    For I may truly say I received it not from the wisdom of men or according to tradition, but from the pure manifestation of the Love that did break open its deeps in me.(4) For even though I had heard of such a notion, yet I did disregard it altogether and would not entertain any belief concerning such a reach that should extend so far as to recover the whole lapsed creation, until I had an open vision given to me.(5)

    In this vision, my spirit was carried out to behold several regions wherein I saw the dead numerously and variously in their confinements. They, being in dark centers (or realms), bewailed and bemoaned their state, because they had misspent their time while in the body, and had lost their opportunity to take hold of the redeeming Love of Christ.(6)

    Then my spirit passed through these regions and was carried beyond them into a Light-Orb Principle (or realm) where I saw the throne of Christ in His Kingly and Priestly office, interceding and pleading the validity of His redeeming blood before the Father.(7) And right next to this throne, I saw the first Adam with his Eve, rejoicing together in hope that the mediatorship of Christ would be of such power and force as would release their offspring out of all woes and miseries, whether while still in bodies of time or out of time.(8)

    Further, I saw numerous spirits which appeared as bright flames, flying swiftly into this principle, being set free from the confinements in which they had been. 

Whereupon, I, being as a naked spirit there, did ask, "What are these?" (These, being the bright flaming spirits let out of confinement). And the Lord Himself answered this word, "These are those for whom My blood was shed. Though they have been long involved with, and shut up in, the second death,(9) having passed through many agonies and anguishes, they now see how they are set free and come here to be clothed with new and bright bodies."

    At this word I saw Adam and Eve rise up with exulting joy, saying, "Thus shall our whole offspring be restored and come in by degrees." At which word I addressed myself to Adam, saying, "How can it be that all should be restored who, from the beginning of the world to the end, did live and rebel in diabolical spirits?"

    And it was answered me, "The second Adam, the Lord from Heaven, is more than sufficient to repair that breach that was made by me. Therefore doubt not that salvation shall gain the victory, for Love's Kingdom will swallow up all kingdoms that have been under the diabolical reign."

    This was an amazing vision that made me consider and weigh well what might be the meaning of it, for I was still left in some doubt. 

    Then, a further revelation was given to me by Christ the Lord Himself, who drew up my spirit very near unto Him, saying these words:

    "Dost thou marvel at this full and perfect redemption by Me of all creatures in humanity? What wilt thou say if the Love of the immense Deity shall open yet more wonderfully and deep so as to reach the fall of Lucifer(10) and his hierarchy that they too may be restored to their first glory and excellency?"

    At this word, I was cast into a silent wonderment, saying within myself, "Lord, who has comprehended or fathomed what the immense Love of God may bring forth?"

    So, returning again into my bodily sense, I began to entertain a certain belief in these things and searched the scriptures to see what I could find to bear this out.

    Then were opened to me several scriptures concerning the restoration of mankind, such as Romans 5:10,11,14,19 & 21, which were very powerful and convincing proof to me. These scriptures, along with I Corinthians 15:22-- "As in Adam All die, so in Christ shall All be made alive.", and again in I Timothy 2:6, where it is said that He was "given a ransom for ALL, to be testified in due time.", with several other scriptures did confirm me a little.

    But then I could not satisfy myself concerning the fallen angels that had brought all this mischief upon mankind,(11) since I could not find scriptural ground to support their inclusion in this great restitution. And I had no way to inform my understanding in order to see how this breach could be made up from the ground of scripture, but referred myself to the more immediate revelation of God's mind herein. 

    And so I passed over it, saying nothing of it until I had a further more clear evidence, which was in the year 1693. Then I had a fresh moving and enkindling upon my spirit concerning this general and universal redemption with many hints and excitements by the Spirit to attend to this point and not to neglect it. I had this word sprung up in me:

    "Neglect not to look into this thorough salvation, for though it has been a mystery sealed up and unknown for ages, yet now is the age and time for its publication."(12) This drew my spirit much into the study and investigation of this thing, for I knew no other way to be resolved than by that Spirit which searches the deep things of God's counsel. This Spirit did drive me so deep into this immense Love that I was, as it were, all over-clothed with it.

    Then there arose this question within me, "If I am to publish this large dispensation of the Love, what shall I do for arguments to strengthen it against all opposers?"(13) Thus, freely communing with my Lord about this matter, it was said to me, "Fear not, but proceed and go on to vindicate the boundless Love of thy Creator and the precious worth and weight of the blood of thy Redeemer, Who promised He would be with thee to open that which has been locked up in secrecy." 

    Though controversial issues are a repulsive and unpleasant work to me because I am so wrapped up in the sweet Love Harmony that I do not care to enter into any contest, yet for the sake of such as do earnestly desire to be informed and resolved in this matter, I find myself engaged to give forth what has been so freely communicated to me. But if they would be instructed, let them be of a tender spirit, done with all bitterness, rashness and fury, and let them stand in a childlike simplicity, willing to have the mind of God unfolded or searched out.(14)

    Since this issue is a matter of such moment and concern that God Himself requires the uncovering of the deeper and little understood reserves of His Good Will and Love, I will proceed, by the pure dictate of His Spirit, to discover the pillars and foundation of the New Creation, which is by the second Adam, through whom all things are to be renewed.

    Now, it is traditionally charged that redemption is to reach no further than to such a number as do receive and believe in Christ while in the body. It is also charged that if they fail to receive Christ here, they are destined to an everlasting damnation. This I deny, especially concerning that eternity of punishment of which they speak.(15)

    Because those scriptures mentioned as confirmation of the never-ceasing torments are properly to be understood only for ages of time, which indeed may be long and tedious enough, according as the height of their transgressions have been here. So they will find that that worm of their accusing conscience cannot cease until the determined time, when the celestial Love-fire shall break forth to extinguish it.(16)

    For it has been little understood or known what the cleansing work will be and how much is to be done in other regions and worlds. This has been so because it hath pleased the Father of Lights to reserve and conceal what has, is, and shall be undertaken there in these invisible regions.

    Therefore, let none be so rash as to judge that nothing more is to be known than what has been reported of, for God doth not bring forth or reveal His counsel and the whole extent of His mind all in one age; no, not even in several ages. For instance, what He revealed in the Patriarchs' days and the first ages of time had their close. Then as occasion was, new prophesies and revelations did succeed progressively, one after another, until after Christ's time.(17)

    Now, we are not to think that there was an end, as if no further discoveries should be made of what is still needed to be known. For there are many witnesses, both dead and living, that testify to further and new discoveries relating to the Restoration.(18)

    Now as to that dreadful sentence -- all eternities -- that many do pronounce; it is very much a false indictment and trespass of both the justice and truth of God. For God gave that eternity of Life and Being from Himself into the creature. And though sin did happen, being awakened by the subtle introduction of the serpent,(19) and became a limited transgression which admitted that some would reject in their lifetime the grace which brings salvation, yet it should be acknowledged that this was after the likeness of sin under the Old Law and Covenant. For under the New Covenant, God undertakes to blot out all transgression and sin and to be a Law of Life written within by His Spirit.

    And this new covenant and purpose stands firm while the other covenant was nullified. So, to assert the idea of eternal torment is very injurious to the Grace of God, for though He may punish for the sin of unbelief (which is the grand iniquity), and chasten and rebuke, yet it is reckoned but as for a moment if you can compare it with the many Circles of Eternity. It is but just with God(20) to save and recover what is His own and which can never be annihilated; that is, the Breath of His Life and the Essenceof His own Being.

    And then, too, it would be exceedingly diminishing of the Love Benevolence in the manifestation of the great gift, Christ Jesus, that He should be so very weak and incapable of repaying, saving and recovering what was lost by the transgression of the first Adam.(21)

    Therefore, let none imagine they do right by God to make him out to be such a chronic avenger against His own creatures (who would never have known any being or existence except for His willing them to be) as though the Eternal Wrath must everlastingly, without cessation, kindle upon them. It would certainly have been much more kind and favoring had the Creator turned them into a Non-entity or "No-being" again. 

    Therefore, God cannot take it well from any who should present Him as such an unreconcilable Father to His offspring. For though they have proved rebellious and obstinate, with great despitefulness to His grace,(22) yet He cannot cease to be a Father to that eternal spark and spirit that is of His Own Being in all of mankind, yea and in angels, too. 

    It is sufficient that some are banished for a Time and Times; and some who have been even more rebellious, should be banished within the Circles of Eternity.(23) Which Circles of Eternity, I have been made to understand, have their limitation as if they were in the number of outward time. The consideration of this sentence may sufficiently bring fear upon any soul to keep it from disregarding and neglecting the time and season of God's Love-offers to it. Therefore, they need no more terrible sentence than Christ has passed, "Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity, where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth" --Luke 13: 27, 28.(24)

    But this is not to be reckoned forever,as worlds without end. Love and Light, I confess, is without limits or bounds, but death, darkness, curse and punishment must unavoidably have their end. For only that which has no beginning, as Love, Wisdom and Goodness, must abide and can have no end. It must drown and swallow up whatever is its opposite. Oh, that I could persuade, or rather that the Love which dwelleth in me might open and enkindle such enlivening flames as may devour these harsh and careless conclusions which make God so unreconcilable to that which has issued forth from Him. 

    Let me therefore entreat you to whom this comes, that you pass a favorable estimate upon your fellow creatures, though you have been as the beloved Jacob, and your brethren abide still in Esau's nature. It is said, The fire of Jacob shall consume the stubble of Esau. What fire is that? It is not the fierce wrath-fire but the Love-fire that must do this cure.(25)

    Oh, methinks we ourselves have so much fallen away from this nature of Love that even though we cannot love or indulge the sin in our fellow members, yet we cannot fall upon him as the father upon the prodigal. We should be able to send out our fire-Love's Sparks and pour out our oily meekness as trueSamaritans to heal him and perform the office of our blessed Jesus who came to seek and save that which was lost. 

    For I am well assured that if this everlasting gospel of Love was better understood and clearly explained (accompanied with the flaming Love of the Holy Ghost), it would convert and affect more hearts and be as the golden net that would drag in thousands out of the sea of this worldly principle to the Shore, so that there they might sit down in rest and great refreshing.(26)

    Blessed are those that shall be publishers who shall go forth with this everlasting gospel message. The sound of it shall reach both to them that are dead and in prison,(27) as well as to the living. Let this not seem to be a hard saying, for Christ went to preach to the spirits in prison (I Peter 3:19,20 & 4:6) that were so long disobedient before. This gospel is given me to understand that it is the Love and Good Will that is to be preached until all regions, centers and worlds shall be given up to the Power (God) that shall constrain them to yield themselves up to be metamorphosed (changed) into a new creature. For which, Oh God, hasten thy messengers that may proclaim this blessed Jubilee!

    But here it may be objected, "It may be dangerous to publish a doctrine universally which declares that after this life there may be hopes of restitution into the same glory and liberty with the children of Light." In answer to this, I shall refer you to a treatise, entitled, The Eight Worlds, etc.(Ed.'s note: This book is available in print, and will be published on the Internet soon enough. Write and ask for the print version if desired.) in which are revealed the degrees of corrections and purifications needed in order for preparation for admittance into the higher ranks and orders belonging to the redeemed.(28)

    And as for supposing that such a teaching would cause some to take unlawful liberty while still in the body and be more wild and wicked, we may conclude there will be no such occasion taken. They shall know that they must then pass through such bitter anguishes and torments as is enough to deter any from being diabolical in their manner of living. For they shall not know how long their term of suffering may be under the power of the cruel and dark prince who rules in the airy regions.



- Section 2

    We have made the observation that the doctrine of an endless misery and torment has had very little effect in frightening or terrifying mankind from his evil course.(29) But it has, on the other hand, because its sentence is so terrible and irreversible, brought many into despair and caused the desperate to run the risk of being depraved throughout all eternities. Whereas, if Love's center had been rightly and duly opened and made manifest, it would have worked far more naturally and kindly to gain the will of those that are perverse and obstinate. And I am sure that until this Love shall come to be more displayed and declared, there will be little reformation or change in order to accomplish regeneration.

    But there is another objection that meets me; "This leads to a Papist sentiment which says that souls, after departing this life, may have hopes of passing through the purifications, so that they may look too lightly on what they continue to adulterate while living in the body."(30)

    But let it be Turk, Jew or Papist, we are not to reject or throw truth away because it is of their opinion. It is very obvious and clear to me that what the Romanists have owned to be their faith on this point, they have derived from the Primitive age. This truth was a pure gospel discovery in that time,(31) but since then they have corrupted it and mingled with it their sorceries and so have brought the true article into disrepute. For this truth is of great consequence to be understood and known. 

    How many millions are there of souls that depart out of the body in an imperfect state, very short of reaching to a heaven-grown-stature, being but partially regenerated? What disappointments do they then meet with when they are out of the body, thinking they must directly ascend to heaven and then enter into the Mount Zion Kingdom? But oh, how few and rare are they who have attained to such a degree of a full grown stature in Christ as to come to be glorified with the same glory (which must be attained to by degrees) immediately after they are set loose from the body. 

    Therefore, it is a great kindness of the wise Creator that Middle regions are prepared for the ascent of those souls that die in a good state and for the purgation of those that die in an evil state. This we see in Christ Himself who ascended first to Paradise before He entered Mount Zion, and the New Jerusalem, which you may find more largely in my book, printed 1695 and called, The Eight Worlds.

    All that I request of the doubtful who cannot receive these sayings is, that they should be still and quietly wait until the Central-Love within their own souls shall open and spring. For I myself was at first averse to the taking in of this universal doctrine. But I was always taught by divine Wisdom not to oppose what I could not reach or comprehend. So I let it rest for some years after the vision of it, and being well acquainted and walking in fellowship with a very worthy person who had this sentiment in her (who did often excite me to look into it and own it for a foundational truth, and so to be a publisher of it), I could not forbear to take some glimpses of it. 

    Now I expected no less when I published it, but that it would ignite some zealous angry flames upon me, because it was contrary to the common doctrines preached. But I knew well the foundation and ground I stood upon. I knew that even though it should appear to many as somewhat rude and like a strange visage, yet the glory, the beauty and the strength of the Jehovah-Love would drink up like a fire, all the floods that should be cast out upon it from this foaming sea. So I wait in hope to see something of this before my life shall expire. The joy of which sight will be trumpeted forth among the angelical choirs.

    Now I proceed to the Second Point, which is the raising of Lucifer(32) along with all his hierarchy. This is the great block of stumbling and the Rock of Offense, for it is reckoned an impossibility because these spirits had exalted themselves above God Himself,(33) and this is almost universally judged to be an unreconcilable arrogance. 

    Therefore, though I have not Letter of the Word to go upon for my fundamental argument, I must follow the Spirit of Christ in the revelation (which may come in its time to be validated and owned by Him) even as He declared it to me for my further wonderment. He promised that He would reveal to me what I could not fathom. And thus the Spirit began and opened the Way and Means by which He shall bring about this eventual restoration. 

    This process of restoration is to last through many ages, revolutions, cycles and changes. The process and its purpose is to be unknown and not understood by any mortals involved in it, or by these apostatized angels themselves, or to any of the inhabitants of their kingdom.

    In answer to an inquiry from me upon this matter, it was said that a wonderful new created mystery should open for the reduction (lessening) and bringing back of that which was so far sunk down into the dark abyss, having separated itself from the principle of the Light and Love.

    But then it was further opened to me, by the Revealer of all Secrets, that when the final judgment should be (at the conflagration(34) which shall put an end to all physical realms), all worlds would give up both living and dead; both the Sea, Hell and the Lake of Fire; all regions, principles, and centers; all prisons and mansions of the dead. But this last dissolution, according as it is shewn to me, is not to be until after some numbers of time be passed, after the thousand years reign.(35) Then shall the books of accountings be opened and the high and great saints (both of the former and latter ages of the world), shall sit as privileged counselors and judges with Him and pass sentence in the Priestly interceding and merciful nature of the Lamb. These merciful judges shall then demand these prisoners to be brought forth and set free from the dominion and all tormenting tyranny they had suffered under this dark Prince.(36)

    This kind pardon will generate profound submissions and a relinquishment of all apprehensions in those thus freed, and a ready embrace of the drawn-out Love-crook of the staff of the great and Princely Shepherd. Now, upon this, these Principalities and dark, potent Princes can no longer hold them in captivity but must yield them up to the redeeming Love. 

    Now this trial and its resulting probation will most deeply pierce these dark potentates as they see themselves divested of all their fiery might and become so weak and poor as to have no place nor subjects to exercise any authority upon. This will humble their pride and work in them an inconceivable pacification. When the alleviation of the wrathful fires in them has been brought to pass, a high and noble tincturing virtue will stir and awaken in them. This noble virtue had originally generated itself immediately from Eternal Pure Nature into these angels (spirits) at the first, being that which could never be corrupted or lost.(37)

    And now that mere Source of Light opening makes them see what lofty haughtiness they have continued in for so many thousands of years, in a scornful derision to God, so that now they would willingly embrace whatever might tend to their reconciliation to God their Creator.(38)

    Then it was further opened to me that the myriads of those holy and good angels which attend the throne of the Father, having somewhat more of a sympathizing nature for these fallen angels (being all of the same order and created out of the same celestial matter), will be made instrumental in this redemption. God shall give them commission and liberty to minister to them and to make known to them the readiness of the eternal Father of their spirits to receive them again upon their abasement and crumbling into self-nothingness. 

    And also, the eternal Virgin-Wisdom, without whom nothing was generated, bears her part herein of a mother-indulgence to these fallen principalities. This is foreseen as making up one of the greatest of wonders that God ever brought Himself forth in. That is, in changing and altering the fierceness, pride and arrogance of these rebellious powers into a mild and gentle constitution of spirit. 

    For it cannot be denied that the groundwork lies so deep in these fallen angels that He must, upon the concluding scene of all His various and manifold workings of wisdom, gather and restore to Himself what is purely of His own essence by nullifying and making void all the evil properties so unlike that pure spark of His own eternity; which pure spark, as an invincible Love-Fire rises from that center of Love (as the breath of God), is invisibly ignited and enlarged and consumes and devours all the diabolical matter. 

    And so they are hereby (by Love) set free and made to bow and pay their obedience to the Great Shepherd and Prince of Love and Peace, making application that He may be their intercessor. They ask also that they may be admitted into their ancient throne of dignity, though as yet Christ is not ascribed nor needs to assume their nature, for they are of another kind of existence than fleshly, physical creatures. (39)

    Therefore, the Spirit of the Triune Deity, agreeing to introduce Himself into their eternal part, which was properly His own before they fell, is all that can stem and turn the tide of the evil nature of that proud spirit which was predominant, so that this might be great and marvelous. Yea, it is more to the wonderment of the Love, Power and Wisdom of God than anything which has yet been manifested.

    And this further argument we have for the proof of this restoration; it is undeniable that the eternal essences of the Deity are the origin of the first being of these angels. Therefore, they must return again to their original angelical Beings. (Ed.'s note: law of circularity?) For indeed, if they had been as gods to themselves and had no dependency upon this Supreme Creator, then it might be granted that the band of their diabolical power and dominion was indissoluble. They would have been able to equalize themselves to God and never to have submitted to any superior power beyond themselves.

    But since their dependency is upon that only true God who gave them their true being, they must therefore submit and yield when time shall be finished (as seeing that mankind was enthroned in their principality). Then the deepest deep of all the wonders of Love shall be broken open that ever were yet brought into manifestation. 

    Whereas it may be asked, "How shall they recover new thrones and be again reinstated as princely angels?" To this it is answered, God has such infinite spaces of eternity in the angelical principle as to create and erect new thrones to place them in. He may even stretch this angelical principle wider as He shall see fit, all of which shall make for the exulting joy to all the new created beings. For if there was so much joy at the return of the prodigal and the unrighteous or workers of iniquity (more than for the ninety nine just persons), what must needs be then for the return and humble submission of these haughty and proud angels that have affronted their kind and loving Creator so many thousand of years? 

    What have we more to say to this but to admire the height, the depth, the breadth and length of the Love that passes all knowledge and understanding, when Christ shall deliver up all kingdoms, powers and principalities in order that the Lord God Omnipotent may reign over All, through All and in All. 

    Who would not rejoice to hear the trumpet sound this last Jubilee, which may put an end to all woes, curses and eternal deaths, that no more sorrow, weeping or wailing may ever be heard in any principle, center or region throughout all eternity? Even so has the Yea and Amen set His seal to this as a true and sacred prophecy(40) that shall have its accomplishment and fulfillment when ages of time shall be finished, according to the Council of the Triune Deity.

    It may be objected that, "There is a necessity for the Redeemer to take upon Himself the angelical nature for the fallen angels before they can be restored." In answer to this, it is more proper that the Father of spirits redeem them because, unlike man, the angels were never clothed upon with flesh. It was because man had such a corporeal attire (a physical body) that Christ delivered up the Adamical Kingdom to the Father. 

    Therefore, for the angelical restitution, there must be the agreement of the whole Deity after another order than that of man. Even their order of transgression was different from man's. And as Christ was the Creative Word by which the angels were originally made, so now the second time, He, in the Father, moves that mystery to reintroduce Himself (after a spiritual manner). This will multiply and increase those eternal essences so that they may be recovered in their first original existence, for the foundation of His own being in them can never be nullified or brought to nothing. 

    And though it has been by the wisdom of God permitted that they should remain in their diabolical nature to tempt and open the mystery of iniquity so that the various wonders might come to be manifested from the dark principle, yet this must last no longer than the limits known to God. Although I dare not positively assert the time when their kingdom and reign in the evil property is to end, yet it has been insinuated to me that their restoration may begin in the 8,000th year from the first creation.

    Therefore the old shall pass away and all things become new, so that there shall be no more deaths, torments. sorrows or anguishes. For Christ will deliver up all kingdoms, powers and principalities as clear, pure and free from all anxieties. Then only may God be All in all and through all. Then shall He delight and please Himself to see His family consisting of angels and pure, perfect souls about Him. For all that was evil must now be swallowed up in the perfection of goodness. 

    For it seems very much contrary to the nature of Goodness, Love and the Sovereignty of any Power if He should permit the stream and tide of sin and punishment to remain as everlastingly as Himself. For His origin consisteth in nothing but immense Clarity, Light and Love and will undoubtedly condense all that He has created into the same being with Himself. 

    Thus shall the God-head Trinity sit in the midst of all kingdoms, worlds and realms with joy, pleasure and glory with their ransomed and redeemed ones, who shall indeed sing a new song of praise and applause (which was never sung so gloriously) to Him that always was and never can cease to be Love throughout all eternities. 

    Thus, I have given you a true and faithful account of what has been opened to me by the Alpha and Omega, though I do not seek to impose it upon any than by the same Light in which it was made manifest. For it is out of my element to contest points of controversy, but only this much I offer to be considered by such as are found in a humble inquiry into the mysteries and deeps of God's counsels. And this is in order that they may hereby come to a sound and right judgment in all that relates to the eternal Father of all Spirits and the universality of His Love.

    Some who are highly illuminated and who have great veneration for Jacob Behmen's or Boehme's writings object that he seems to contradict this universal redemption of the apostatized angels. I must admit that Jacob Behmen (died the same year Jane was born, 1623) did open a deep foundation of the eternal principles and was a worthy instrument in his day. But it was not given to him nor was it the time for the unsealing of this Deep. 

    God has in every age something still to bring forth of His secrets. To some one gift, to some another, as the age and time grows ripe for it. I have met with rather deep arguments from an illuminated Behmist who thought he had strong arguments from nature and scripture as might overturn the final restitution of the fallen angels. 

    I take no offense at this as long as any are searching for the fundamental truth. Rather, I do most tenderly embrace them, desiring to hold the indissoluble band of Love-Unity with all those of goodwill in the lapsed creation. Nevertheless, I must take my liberty to maintain what is expected from God our Creator. That expectation of God is the vindication of the eternal purpose and counsel of His will in making manifest that Love which is called the perfect thing(41) that must swallow up all that is imperfect. This will be in the fullness of time or ages of times when He shall gather up and save all that is lost.

    But here is one main objection that appears to be very solidly grounded. That is, that the root of sin was from everlasting, as is God Himself. Now as to this matter, we deny that God gave being to anything out of Himself wherein the root of sin was found. For Lucifer was created out of pure eternal nature with his whole hierarchy being of the same fashion as those angels that have not left their first habitation; only these awakened and increased in that source from which an aspiring ambition arose, to become as gods, or at least, independent of God.

    And though there was no law according to that which God had given to Adam (by which law sin and disobedience was known), yet there was a law in eternal nature which consisted in keeping all in harmony and government. The darkness in God did not jar against His Light, neither did the anger jar against the Love. (Admit, there was anger in God.) 

    All concurred together to illustrate the immense love and goodness. Nothing of this evil could be said to be everlastingly generated from God into the angelical principle from whence they were brought forth as out of the womb of the eternal morning. But they, leaving this meek, soft and gentle nature, awakened in themselves a monstrous shape. 

    And how came this to pass? By trying and proving the strength of their Fire-Spirit to find how far they could extend it as to the sovereignty of power, whereby they would have equalized themselves to their Creator. Instead, finding themselves to miss their mark and to be disappointed, they awakened in themselves envy. Therefore they sought revenge upon the simple innocency of Adam. But here they lost their hold also and had to yield to Him who challenged the right to all eternal spirits.

    Therefore, though God has permitted that this dark prince must reign for limited periods of time and have his kingdom in this world, yet it shall be for no longer than various wonders are required for manifestation. These wonders shall all serve to set forth the fathomless depths of the Love-Angelical Principle with their wonders. Then Lucifer shall be enthroned again in high pomp, through humility and purity. For he did but leave his habitation (Jude vs.6), though not so as never to return to it again. God reserved his restoration for an astonishing wonder beyond all that could ever be conceived.

    Nay, these that were chief in scorning, disdaining and blaspheming against Love, shall be the subjects by which Love shall be proved to have such an endless depth that no created beings could ever have hoped or believed for. Therefore, let it not be reckoned impossible for God to unclothe that strange and monstrous figure by which they had made themselves devils. Do not say it is too hard for Him to make bare and naked His own pure angelical essence in them (as it was first generated). 

    For He shall indeed make them pass through the eternal womb once again, wherein they were first conceived and so appropriating thereby to them their bright angelical image and nature again. This rebirth they must undergo in order to be admitted into the fraternity of the rest of their fellow angels.

    It cannot be revealed what joys, praises and glories the whole heavens will be filled with when they shall be re-installed in their first dignity with the greatest humility, which shall be their clothing. But before this comes to pass, there will be many ages of strange revolutions until the utmost variety of all amazing working powers shall be made manifest both in the dark abyss and the Light.

    And whereas it is said, that the devils are so high that they will entertain no treaty with God concerning subjection; It is true, I grant, that they are and must be so, until the fullness of time shall ripen the plants in God's store that are yet to be brought forth. Let not any think that the highest diabolical fierceness and pride shall out-dare God's grace, pity, compassion and love.

    Though the diabolical spirits be chained together as links of iron, yet there is a burning furnace into which they shall be cast. In this Divine furnace the hammer of God shall beat and melt and bring them into that figure God has assigned them by the flaming touch of the Deity. This process is so that nothing of the diabolical and venomous evil of sin shall remain. For such (sin) cannot be reckoned to be as everlasting as God since it is undeniable that it must have its end. Therefore, God has prepared a stronger antidote than the awakened poison, and it will make a cure through all God's own created beings.

    Yea, though the dragon's spirit exalt itself ever so high, yet his wings shall come to be so clipped that he may no longer be able to overpower and bear away this precious healing and redeeming tincture. Nay, he shall be forced to fall and sink down before the Michael-might, whereunto victory and salvation do rightly belong.

    And whereas it is further objected concerning the punishment, that Christ's sentence is everlasting and that the worm dies not, and the fire is not quenched. Here it may be demanded, "How is this to be understood?" Verily, this only can be through the divine spyglass of the eternal Spirit that sees into God's deep and doth interpret His meaning. Accordingly, it is shewn to me as thus, that the serpent's head shall be bruised and the strength of that life be destroyed. The worm, which is the sting of sin, shall be changed and the diabolical nature driven out through the root-essence of the Deity, which will revive into its first pre-existing meekness of purity and love.

    Therefore, it may be concluded that though the worm may not be said to die, but lives as long as this state (or even as time itself endures), yet it shall be changed by that invincible Power that transmutes all things into its own Being and Likeness when time shall cease. For if the vile bodies shall be renewed and made transparent and glorious, so by the creating omnipotence, the vile spirit with all its diabolical properties, shall be brought into a new Dei-formity. For says the Yea and Amen, "Behold, I will make all things new." Nothing shall be left out. This word includes the whole of all created beings.

    But whereas it may be objected further that, "The dark Fire-Spirit must remain or else there can be no subsisting of the Light. Since the strong Fire is the root of the Light, Christ, along with all the Adamical race, would be removed if this Fire-Spirit should be taken away.(42) In answer to this, I grant that it is true that the strong Fire is the root, and the Light world cannot exist without it. But this Fire remained in God without violation or the breaking of harmony, and the Light, as it was generated from it, radiated back into the Fire and made it all lustrous.

    But when God created the angels and they branched out distinctly, then they found that their might and strength was so awakened that they could not fathom the nature and consequences of it. Hereby the band of pure eternal nature being broken in them and the eternal forms separated, darkness and wrath got superiority over the Light and Love in them. This was nothing other than an imperfect act of a created being after the work came out of the Creator's hand perfect. So that this confusion and disorder arising from an impotent creature cannot be greater than the Love and omnipotence of the Creator. Thus it cannot be so fixed and unchangeable as to never again be altered.

    For even the supernatural might of the Will in them is not now natural and eternal but outside of nature and temporary. It subsists upon their own creaturely and sandy foundation which they themselves have formed and not upon the immovable Rock that was before all ages. Therefore, whatever they have builded upon their own foundation, with that which is preternatural (outside of nature) and temporary in them, must fall. But that which is natural and eternal (which is a tendency in the will to God) shall again spring and exert itself from the pure and perfect essence that remains unchangeable in them, even though presently it remains under the veil and covering of darkness. 

    So that it may be said, Hell, Death, Destruction and the Lake of Fire are of themselves, but help and remedy is in Him who is the Firstborn of the creation. He is the Alpha, not only of the human race, but also of the angelical, wherein He stood before. So He is to be the Omega in their restoration and consummation. For it is His right to redeem all that is lost, their fall being a loss in His Kingdom, which He has all power to repair and recover. The Fire remains the root of the Light as it was in God in unity and harmony, and so it must be in all worlds without end.

    And though it has been and may be for several ages, as an impassable gulf and partition, yet the great restorer of all things will break through and make a passage by Himself and will be the Way to all eternal souls and spirits into those new thrones and mansions prepared for them.

    Now I shall conclude this point as having given forth the whole counsel of God as it was opened to me, which I do not doubt will satisfy all such as are humble, true, seeking spirits who desire to know the extent and latitude of God's Love. I have only this request, caution and counsel to offer, which is not after the weakness of flesh but according to the Wisdom and Light of the eternal Spirit. Wisdom warns all to cease from what has been traditionally received against this point, and not to take up any weapons of war against the God of Love in setting bounds for that which is boundless.

    For in so doing, He cannot take it well. It is much better taken to contend for the first indissoluble band whereby all blissful unity and harmony may be restored again. This makes for the more eminent and wonderful Wisdom, Love and Power of God, the Creator. Therefore, my counsel is (yet not mine, but from the Lord Himself), that wherein any cannot have clearness of understanding herein, they should remain in the quiet repose of their minds and not stir up any misguided zeal against it, but let this matter rest until the Day break and the shadows of ignorance fly away.

    And this further advice is also given, that each one look to the present work in hand, which is working out salvation through the washing of regeneration, and so be renewed through the birth of the Holy Ghost born in them. Whereby they may be secured from sufferings and punishments, either in this present world or in other regions, that are for purifying and making them suitable to be joined to Christ, our perfect Head. 

    For without beautification and transformation into the perfection of holiness, let none expect to see the face of the bright body of glory. The process hereunto, I have given a large narrative in those books that have been published (Ascension Angels) and especially in that which in this year 1697 is come forth of the Journal called, A Fountain of Gardens. By all of which you may well understand that by holding to this universal restitution, I have not indulged nor countenanced anything of liberty for the flesh, as some do charge this doctrine with.

    For I am sure that if this word is received and understood in the deepest and right ground, it will overturn the strongholds of sin and bring in millions of souls to weep and mourn that are yet dark and ignorant. When the Love shall pierce them, it will open their eyes so as to make them weep and wail that they have lived so long only to despise and trample upon the blood of the Covenant of Grace and Love. 

    I do, in the Spirit of Prophecy, see such a time is near at hand that the Love-Trumpet shall so sound as to bring them from the four winds and dark corners of the earth to feed upon a Love-Feast that shall be prepared. But this feast shall not be touched with defiled or unwashed hands. For there will be a Love-Life Coal from the altar that will fly to touch and purify such as have lain long under the death of sin.

    This is the gospel message that has been given me to sound, and blessed are those that shall have the like mission as witnesses raised from the dead to declare the same. Their feet shall be shod with the golden sandals of Love, Peace, Purity and Unity as they stand upon Holy Ground, that their horn of salvation may sound throughout the whole earth.

    For now is come the Day and acceptable year for the alluring and drawing in such a catch by the spreading abroad of this Love-Golden Net, as countless numbers may be gathered in to make up the superstructure of the Spiritual Temple-Body. This temple will be so magnificent that Solomon's Day shall be far surpassed because of this spiritual temple which will be compacted and builded together of such stones that shall sparkle as the flaming eye of the Alpha and Omega. This attracting virtue shall be to draw in the potentates of the earth. 

    For as the Queen of Sheba did come to Solomon to admire the magnificence of the court and temple of the Lord, so verily it will be that such swift flyings of souls, awakened by the Love-Trumpet, shall bring praise and renown to Him who has founded the Temple and set up the anointed Pillars hereof. These shall also, with their Head-Foundation-Stone, be honored. And offerings hereunto shall also not be wanting to make it stand firm, rising in its degrees of glory as super-additions of bright and pure stones shall daily be added hereunto. 

    Then we may expect the glorious Lord will not long stay from His Temple-Body but will make His descension as a Bridegroom over His Bride to display and spread His Banner of Love. This is to be in such terrible brightness as the whole earth may be enlightened with its glory. This will be the reigning power and Kingdom of our Lord. When His Temple-Bride shall be gathered and made ready, He will not fail then to appear with His presence to comfort and cheer all His mourning Dove-Flock. This shall be the joy of the angels above as well as with the perfected saints there, as of the sanctified and regenerated ones here below, which with one harmonious sound may cry, "The Lord Omnipotent in His Kingdom is come to reign upon the earth with all His Kingly, Priestly and Prophetical train!"

    Even so, to as many as believe, expect and look for the Kingdom thus to come, it will in its due time in great power and glory most certainly be accomplished. So hasten it, Oh thou faithful and great Amen, that we (who shall universally be gathered of the Temple-Body) may sing the Song of Salvation in Triumph and Victory. Amen! Amen!

    "Blessing, and Honor, and Glory and Power be unto Him, that sitteth upon the Throne, and unto the Lamb forever and ever. " Rev. 5:13.