8 WORLDS - Section Two


September 1695

    As I was considering the high and weighty work whereunto we are called, my spirit was immediately caught up into a High Region that was all calm and still. Here I saw no figures or images, but there was a wonderful Light which flowed into me like a river. Then it was opened in me that this was the Creating Light from whence all beings proceeded. It was revealed that what was now expected, as a New Creation, must be brought forth from the Stillness of this Light with which the Soul's Essence must be mingled. And that from this union the variety of the wonders should be produced in the world.

    It was further said to me that I had been long driven to arrive at the farthest center of all centers, but the plummet line of my Spirit was too short to fathom that deep gulf that had been shown to me in a Visional Figure some years ago. Being led by the Spirit to call this to mind, there came before my internal Eye, a Deep Abyss which opened itself. It streamed forth with such a commixture of all variety of colors of precious stones so dreadfully sparkling and glorious that no other but a simple and abstracted spirit could behold it, much less enter into and be mingled with it, as I was invited to do.

    This second time it was renewed to me by an internal opening from which it was given me to understand that this Godhead Gulf was now broken up for a streaming forth with that high mixed matter which would Deify and tincture the soulish essence that had been under the depravity. Then it was said to me by the Spirit, that this was the true and right baptism into the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost by which the soul would return to its first original. Then the soul would know itself to have power in God as His Virgin Heart and Spouse, to do and act agreeably in so high a unity. 

    This is the pinnacle of all depths that can be searched into. If you will but study this, the Eternal Abyssal World will operate in you and qualify you for the longed-for transmutation. Hereby you will be admitted into all Wisdom's treasures, and the walls about your habitations shall be the Rock of Fire-Stones. In this Munition Strength, your hiding shall be in God's own secrecy until you go forth to proclaim another Day of Pentecost.





    Question: "Why do such departed souls that are detained in the middle regions often attract and draw their near relations and friends to be with them?"

    This, you must know, proceeds from a most intimate union that was between them while living. Not having centered their Loves higher than what was elementary, the deceased may have much power to draw away the life of such out of the body.(53) Concerning this, some instances have been known. Let this therefore be a good caution to all dear and near relations, not to carry up their love to one another beyond what is but creaturely. But this know, that no departed spirit can have any effect or power over the living unless they are of a low birth and mortal birth which lies under the Laws and Rudiments of this World. As for those who are gotten up higher by the supernatural and spiritual birth, such are out of danger to being influenced by any departed spirits. For such who make God their only center are above their influence.

    It has been shown to me also that there is a great correspondence and harmony between the highest degrees of saints departed into Mount Zion and Jerusalem principles and those here who have attained to that high birth. Such can reach that principle for intervals while still in the body.(54) Now those in the Mount Zion and Jerusalem principles act quite after another kind. They do not covet to draw any out of the body; rather they tend to influence and bring down their gifts and powers into manifestation in and through those with whom they stand in such Love-Unity.(55)

    These perfected spirits in the separated order well know and take notice of those who are most fitly qualified for association with them, though still in elementary bodies. They therefore communicate and apportion the light of new revelations into this lower principle so that the inhabitants herein may come to be enlightened and transformed.(56) With much longing these blessed ones above wait for their Kingdom to be opened and spread among mortals, until immortality shall swallow up all in its own everlasting light and life.

    This I thought right to add to the foregoing subject as the opening renewed in me from Wisdom's Center. I am now under a commission to keep nothing back which may serve for the information or satisfaction of Wisdom's meek and lowly children. For they are restless inquirers to learn and understand what is to be proclaimed to the whole earth in this Her rising Day. End

53. This problem is not one that any born again child of God would need to concern himself with. It is not a possibility where they are concerned but applies only to those not yet quickened by the Spirit and who have no relationship with the Father. 

54. Jesus did this on what is called the Mount of Transfiguration when He spoke with Moses and Elijah. The only thing which holds some back from this free association with that portion of the body already on the other side is--fear. Men often fear what they don't understand. 

55. As Jane says, this is altogether after another fashion than that which is commonly known as spiritism or necromancy which seeks its own interests and has a definitive draining effect upon its subjects. The communion with the living saints inhabiting Mt. Zion and New Jerusalem does not take away but adds to those with whom they communicate. Keep in view what transpired on the Mt. of Transfiguration as Jesus spoke with Moses and Elijah concerning His soon to come crucifixion. I'm sure He was encouraged and strengthened by this otherworldly event. 

56. The thought entered my mind, "But the Holy Spirit is given in order to lead us and guide us into all truth." As I pondered this seeming contradiction, it came to me that He is indeed the Spirit of all truth and that there is no truth He is not the author of, whether it comes to us by way of direct personal illumination, or a preacher, teacher or the spirit of a just man made perfect. I'm sure that whatever Jesus and His two conversants spoke about at the transfiguration (His crucifixion), it shed light on the matter for Him, and He was strengthened thereby. We need never fear that when we have asked of our Father a fish, that He will instead give us a serpent. And if we ignorantly reach for a serpent, He will give ample warning. 


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