The Conclusion & What To Do With This Information

    Having now given a faithful and true description of these Eight different Worlds, not from history but from the revealed mystery, according to the measure of communication of the Spirit of Christ,(48) it remains to consider what use and application may be made by the readers of these deep and weighty things that have been unveiled here.

    In the first place, then, with the deepest humility, we are hereby called upon to consider the essential Cause and Founder of these Worlds, who produced them all out of an Abyssal Deep and an Eternal Nothingness. 

    Secondly, we are called upon to more greatly appropriate to God what is more immense than immensity and greater than all greatness, higher than all heights, deeper than all depths and more perfect than all perfections. He makes His dwelling in an Eternal Circle of Love, Power and Wisdom, filling all these Worlds with the fullness of His Godhead, made manifest in the express image of His glory, namely in the second number of the Three that bear record in heaven (the Son). 

    Thirdly, we are stirred to consider what we mortals are, from whom our descent is, and what manner of spirit we consist of and exist by. For until we understand our own Eternal Being, we cannot know God, the Being of all Being. As we are the inbreathed soul from God, we live in His essence. This is the glass through which we may see and know the invisible Deity and thereby also know ourselves as we consist of the higher principles and Worlds above, as likewise of those below. 

    They all correspond with the immortal and also with the elementary part in us, for most wise and wonderful ends. Oh, How great is the mysterious greatness of the soul that lies veiled, covered and unknown to itself? The body of outward sensibility shuts it up from understanding its own power, as it is an essence derived from God and an outflowing Breath from the Most High Majesty. The earthy life binds it down in all men until Christ in Spirit enters to make it free in His own liberty by quickening the dead essence of these principles of Light, Love and Power. 

    By this the soul is restored to its pre-existing and true nativity in God, which is apt to be forgotten if not continually revived in the mind. Being thus exercised, such a remembrance will put a check and awe upon it from the consideration of what it is and to whom it must return, as to its own Eternal Center.

    Being come to the conclusion of this subject, I must be permitted to fulfill my commission from the High and Heavenly Court and leave this word of caution and exhortation to those who would see full redemption and be glad to be set free from all fears, doubts and concerns upon that account. Watch against all baseless objections and commotions that are apt to arise in the mind by way of opposition to the pure inspiration of the Holy Spirit.(49)

    Oh! Grieve Him not, neither in yourselves nor in any other, remembering that you have Him for a Counsellor and Comforter and for a Key to open the Heavenly Worlds to you and to give you an inheritance in them. The assurance whereof will be perfect joy, peace and glory, as some do truly witness and do give it forth as their experience. They therefore advise and exhort all to whomsoever may come in this nation (in her day England, but now America) or in any remote places where God is pleased to have it published,(50) that they seriously study and soberly ponder what hath been unveiled and declared here by the Wisdom of God. It is a Seal broken up which belongs to this present age, wherein knowledge is to increase in order to prepare for the great Day that has been prophesied concerning the daughter of Zion's Kingly Dominion.

    Oh, come forth! Be no longer hidden, ye precious Stones of Zion, whithersoever scattered and dispersed. Whether near or afar off, at home or beyond the seas, wherever ye lie hidden, come forth. 

    To you the Golden Bells from the Eternal Worlds sound out their alarm to draw you into them, where, as to your own people and native country, you may come to the Feast of Tabernacles, sitting down together in joy and evermore celebrating this marriage feast in the unity of love, where the author of this treatise would meet you in the Spirit and never cease to congratulate you as fellow citizens and to eat with you there in the Feast of Love.



    Into Paradise my spirit first takes its flight, where all things are in good order and in the same flowing state as before Adam lost his Virgin Mate. Paradise is now stocked again with those who have waded through the floating Sea of Sin and Mortality in order to put on that image of purity which is given by Jesus to the children of the resurrection. Not the least guile or fault may be found in any of the inhabitants of this place. My spirit sees all here in a wonderful harmony.

    This Word was heard from the High and Lofty One, saying, "With the risen from the dead will I dwell, though this principle of Paradise be allotted to them for a certain time, to be a separated mansion until all is gathered up into the superior Kingdom of Mount Zion and of the New Jerusalem." Thus did I hear the good news, that all is rich and flourishing within the Paradisical kingdom. Nor is there any decay or decline since Adam's day, but increase and enlargement is known daily through the resurrection of the spiritual man.

    After this, the Spirit of Wisdom said to me, "These things, whereof an account hath been given to you, may be declared concerning the local place of Paradise, into which, spirits separated by natural death, putting off their mortal earthly bodies, enter and there put on their Virgin Body. This prepares them to meet the Bridegroom who brings them from there up to Mount Zion. 

    "There are such, in this very time who have fought the good fight of faith and had very nearly overcome this world. What is lacking to make them fully perfected is to be done in this paradisiacal place where they are appointed to stay until all their bridal trimmings are finished. That is, until they find they can pass their way to the Tree of Life through the flaming Cherub who still remains a guard upon that figurative tree. In this place, Holy Angels also wait by their course to minister to those who come here as the designated heirs of that more glorious state which is revealed in Mount Zion. This is a part of those good things which belong to your Eternal Father.

    "Now I shall open to you a further mystery which is what may be entered upon in this very lifetime; for there is a mystical paradise as well as a local one. This mystical paradise springs forth metaphorically, opening from a pure supernatural center. This accounts for your present peace and joy. Wait, I say, to feel that joy and peace just now, that your spirit may give a seal with me that you have received the anointing, and that you do walk with your spiritual man in this paradise where you often hear the echo of your Bridegroom's voice calling you to hasten putting on all which shall make you look sweet and amiable in His eyes. It is the obtaining of the fragrant sweets that may perfume and scent you so that all your garments may smell of these beds of spices upon which you are allowed to stretch yourself. 

    "Here awhile be constrained to dwell after the manner of a spirit in a spiritual body, until you shall overcome all of this visible orb, and much excel all creatures in it, having the Tree of Life to live upon. This will put a most transparent body upon you. For they who daily feed upon this Tree shall be indeed transmuted by it. Behold, to you this gate of paradise stands open and whatsoever of the things of God is there, you have a right not only to know them, but to enjoy them as your own. 

    "This word of caution is given to you, that you take heed to the Laws of Paradise (You may apply to us for a writing of hers by this title, Ed.), which have been given to you in detail for this end. Observe them and your Jesus will talk with you here frequently and show Himself according to the Loves betrothal that is made afresh with you in this Paradise. This, many years ago, was communicated and recommended by the Spirit of Truth."

    On the 17th of October, 1695, as I was watching upon a deceased friend's account, after some time I found she had passed through the elementary regions. Then Paradise being opened, I searched for her and after about two hours I found her(51) in the third degree of this heavenly world. She appeared to me of a most lively and angelic countenance. As soon as I had met her I congratulated her and said I had been a long while seeking to find her. To this she answered, "And very well you might, for I have been so taken up with the variety of the pleasures of this place that I had forgot all my mortal friends." Then she added, after a short pause, "Oh, my friend, the death which I feared and which had kept me in bondage all my life long, has been my friend to set me free, and its sting that I dreaded became nothing less than a living balsam by which now I can say in triumph, 'Mortality is swallowed up in joy and glory.'" To this I replied, "Did I not often tell you this and that I would venture my own soul for yours, as to the security of it?" She, smiling, said, "Now I find it so to be." And so, seeming to be unwilling to entertain any further discourse with me, as if thereby she was held from a better enjoyment, she left me.

    Upon this, I was exercised in some meditation, and it was thus concluded that persons who did live very circumspectly and watchful in all piety during their lifetime, as this person had done, though void of all sensible assurance and comfort of God's favor while they live, as if they did not live, but are estranged from this elementary body while they are in it, do, when they pass out of it, obtain a swift passage through the elements. Nothing here is able to cleave to or detain them long, but they are swallowed up and changed into the Paradisical body. Such is a good motive to incite all to live above the earthly life so that nothing may stick to them when they leave this world.


    Now from hence the Spiritual man must take another step to see what lies for him beyond this region, or Paradise, among the precious things that flow from that rich ocean which is between Paradise and the New Jerusalem. This is that Glassy Sea that is spoken of by the beloved John, upon which the conquerors are seen singing their songs of triumph. It doth compass the city round where the residence of the great King is. Here also is the Throne of the Lamb and the Seven Sealing Powers, or Fountain Spirits of God, that go forth from the Most Holy One. Now this burning sea is for probation (trial). None are able to pass unless they have gotten a full and complete conquest over the beast and his image so as they bear nothing more of his mark. They and they only can stand here because they are signatured from this flaming glassy sphere that will make bodies clear and shining as terrible crystal.

    This Kingdom is of Mount Zion, where there are an innumerable company of angels, with the Church of the Firstborn, and in which are contained all the originals and living patterns of what was copied out by Moses, who had sight of them. This must all open itself and be established before the Kingdom of the New Jerusalem can come down, either visibly or invisibly. There is a necessity for the mediatorial and priestly kingdom to go before and make way for that.

    Yet there is such a close and intimate correspondence between these two worlds that they may in some sort bear the name of One Kingdom. For that the supreme Majesty often comes down here and the whole grand assembly, which is here, do at certain seasons ascend up into the New Jerusalem so that from the strict union that is between them, it is not to be wondered at if sometimes the name of the one be applied to the other. 


    It was further declared to a Spirit (Jane) caught up there, that in the time of the accomplishment of the New Jerusalem glory below, there should be appointed certain very highly anointed keepers of the everlasting gates into it. These should be appointed to let in and shut out, according to the Laws of this Kingdom and that every such angel of these gates should sound forth his trumpet. 

    For the Holy Breath out of this City shall make them proclaim and sound forth to all parts of the earth, the glory and the mighty name of Jehovah Shammah (Yah is there). That is the name of the city that is to be written upon all those who are to be admitted into it. Therefore, arise, arise, ye Virgin Daughters, and draw near, having this name inscribed upon you with the finger of your God. Have also your twelve foundations according to the number of the precious stones of the Holy Oracle made clear and sure in you, being all that is to make up the honor of your Jerusalem glory. 

    Draw near now, ye Virgin Daughters of Zion who lie hidden, and bring your glory to this City--

At which all Gates shall open to you fly,

As soon as you can here with this come nigh.

    The apostolic name of the Lamb is written here upon every Gate by which the surviving number of apostolic spirits may obtain admittance. None can enter through the Gates but these Virgin Spirits who have before stood upon Mount Zion and passed through the Sea of Glass, being the Living Jasper Stones that are all covered upon with the flaming colors of the covenant rainbow. 

    Such therefore must ye be, O ye Jerusalem-waiters and children of Wisdom! And by her stone within you, ye must come to be touched and changed that ye may be joined to all these flaming stones. Be of good cheer, for this Ruby Stone is as a Cherub at work in the heavenly spheres of some that are known by Name. This work goes on in order to affect this great and mighty transmutation. Wherefore, it is given me to advise you to yield to this Live Coal within you so that it may burn away the dross and tin. This is so that only the Golden Matter for coagulation with the Deity may remain upon this Almighty and most sublime thing that is concealed in your inward furnace. 

    Are you still ministering fuel to it so that your fire may never go out?(52) Do you still draw from the pool of Golden Oil which shall make you come to such heights, even as to a perfect Jasper purity which will turn whatever it touches into its own source of light and power? This is the White Stone to which the Bride of the New Jerusalem will be joined and which will be hung in her crown.

    Therefore, aspire after nothing less, ye beloved ones. And say not within your hearts, "How can this be?" Let that be cast upon your God's All-sufficiency. By Wisdom's Stone shall be done High, Mighty and Marvelous things through those who doubt not. It shall be found that only they shall have the honor of bringing the Jerusalem down to be seen within this Orb. For in such as whom the Stone of Wisdom is sown and grown up, are the "lookers" and the "expecters" to see this wonderful time.

    Others who believe nothing of it will stand without this City among the worshippers of the beast, none of whom can traffic or merchandize with the precious foundation stones. They are the purchase of the Lamb for His conquering Tribe to follow after Him with palms of victory over all fears and doubts that spring from unbelief, which hath kept innumerable out and stopped their ascension up hither.

    Now, to you who through the Agate Windows of this walled City are allowed to look in, know that it is granted for no other end but to take your Eye and to draw your whole Spiritual Body herein. It is not to tantalize you or to let you see only the Tree of Virtue but not touch or taste hereof. You are evermore to live upon it. When you shall become as fixed inhabitants and no more go out, this tree will be food of most high Virtual Strength, Power and Spirit. This Word only then will I leave with you, to wait in pure Love-Patience until this final step the Stone completes within you through its all-tincturing power.

48. It should be noticed that Jane here, as elsewhere, gives what can be called nothing other than a claim to divine inspiration as we see in Revelation 1:1. Such authority is not often seen, even among those who are light and false in such matters. While she is extremely careful not to overstep her bounds in speaking as for the Lord, she does not hesitate to place upon these writings the ultimate authority of divine inspiration. To repeat, it is worthy of note. 

49. Again, she comes right out and clearly says that these writings are the "pure inspiration of the Holy Ghost." We are to conclude from this that she is either an outright liar of the most extravagant sort, or what she claims to be--a prophetess inspired of the Holy Spirit. I am persuaded of the latter. 

50. In 1695, when this was written, America had been settled no more than 75 years, since the landing of Plymouth Rock took place in 1620, if my memory serves me. She could not have imagined that her writings would be so taken to heart and so well received by the then, fledgling country. But God knew both that England would reject them and that an elected remnant in America would treasure them. 

51. Allow me, with great emphasis here, to declare that what Jane is here involved in is not spiritism or anything like it. She is but doing what Jesus Himself did when speaking with Moses and Elijah upon the mount of transfiguration. The people are not dead as nearly everyone supposes them to be. God is not the God of the dead, but of the living and since He is said to be the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, they are obviously not dead but living. We need very much to rid ourselves of the effects of traditional thought and teaching. We are come to Mount Zion and to the spirits of just men made perfect

52. She asks if we are still feeding into the fallen nature the rubbish of those things which will act as a tidbit to a dying man, that is, just enough to keep him alive and never quite dying. 

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