8 WORLDS - Section One
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From The (Original) Editor
Eight Worlds 1B

    Question: "What are the wonders of this world, since there is nothing of figure or form to be seen in it? Is neither the Father, the Son nor the Holy Ghost to be known here in any distinction?"

    Answer: It is verily so that there is no form nor figure to be seen herein, yet here verily the blessed trinity have their existence together in each other. The fullness of the Godhead dwells here without body, with His Virgin Wisdom and the Seven Spirits. All of these do open themselves from an Infinite Source, and from thence all the creating powers do flow forth, for this is the Abyssal World, the Still Eternity, from which all other worlds were created. 

    Question: "What further wonder did you see here?"

    Answer: A glorious and wonderful element was seen as innumerable sparks of light. As our outer atmosphere is full of stars, so this element was bespangled with these lights. Upon inquiry by the spirit (Jane) who was caught up there, what these might be, it was answered that these were simplified spirits that were ordained to beautify that globe and to attend the Triune Deity there, from whom they are generated. (35)Their only activity is to be ever watching the Eye to see when it would send them forth to assume bodies. These are all pure, meek and mild spirits which perfect whatsoever and wheresoever they enter. These are the spirits that will sublime and make bodies to become all divine.

    Question: "From whence was the birth of these pure spirits?

    Answer: From God the Father in conjunction with the Eternal Virgin Wisdom who brought them forth.(36) Upon this, I was advised as to how these spirits are reserved in this High Globe until Wisdom's Day should break forth as the Morning Star upon this visible world. Then they are to go forth to multiply and make a Princely Host to display God's wonders throughout all nations.(37) This is so that this world of misery and mortality may see a more happy day from the influence and operation of this world of Eternal and meek Stillness. The world of the Still Eternity will infuse its powers and qualify those souls that were preordained before all worlds, to be anointed after this manner. That is, by means of (38)simple abstraction, and this simple abstraction is the result of these pure and eternal spirits being generated out from God in His Still Eternity. They fill up this globe of the majesty of the Triune God, who generated them out of Himself before the creation of angels or any other beings. 

    These spirits are the firstborn out of the Womb of the Eternal Virgin which have been hid in God before there was any figurative manifestation. They will therefore enter into holy, elected souls with such penetrating powers as shall give another tendency of mind, bringing the soul into an Eternal Stillness, and quieting all the working properties and multiplicities in the region of nature. There shall then be no awakening or stirring of that former soulishness which existed because of its connection with the earthy body. 

    The characteristic of the spirits is to do and act always in a still and silent way.(39) From there the greatest power and force shall most effectually go forth. It was told me that as these spirits of light, naked and unbodied, did fill up the Globe of the Unbodily Majesty in Trinity, so should it come to pass in the fullness of time, when Wisdom's Firstborn should be revealed, that this world or globe should descend into manifestation(40) and open in the Virgin Offspring of Wisdom. It is by and through Wisdom alone that the mighty deeds and works will be accomplished in order that it may be plainly known that they are wrought only in God. All counterfeit acts of this kind shall fall down as Dagon before the Ark so that no dark wisdom shall be able to stand. For in this day, all false coverings shall be torn away so that the true and right acts of the Spirit may be known. 

    Now this new model is passive in spirit, soul and body, so that no other motion of life may be known except that which the Triunity begets as pure and simplified spirits, as innumerable as our thoughts. These holy, mild and quietened spirits shall multiply and populate in those who have been accordingly prepared for them. For it has been further shown to me that the very images of the mind should be all of a Deified Impression and of a most deep engraving from the Most High Majesty. 

    Thus it is given to let you understand that as the outward mortal eye observes the objects and things of this world, causing thoughts to arise and multiply accordingly, so likewise these spirits, proceeding immediately from the Fountain Source of all spirits, see and behold their Original Being (the Father), and can do nothing but contemplate and delight themselves in what the Eye of God sees in them and His Ear hears in them. 

    They (spirits) have no organical speech, but only pure thought. They thus generate according to what they see and hear in that globe of Eternity which fills them with exulting joy. Now be it known that when, by the Holy Ghost, the time shall come for their descent into corporeal beings here or elsewhere, their Eye shall become our Eye and their Ear ours in upper mansions. This is so that we, seeing and hearing in them, to whom all invisible Kingdoms do stand open, shall have thoughts of a right kind to spring into and dwell in our minds according to and agreeable with the objects presented. 

    This shall be accompanied with a great variety of glories, inasmuch as it quite turns the stream, making that which was formerly downward and earthy now become upward and heavenly. Oh blessed time and day when this Still Eternity shall thus open and be made manifest in visible bodies! I AM GIVEN TO KNOW THAT THIS SHALL SURELY BE! It has been revealed that when these spirits shall descend into nature, a transfiguration will so continually be impressed upon the mind, producing an incessant generation of high and holy thoughts that are no less than the very nature and quality of these simplified spirits themselves. 

    We are hereby permitted to look always into the Orb of Light and Love and to steadfastly fix there the Eye of the Mind. Thus, glorification may be brought down upon the visible Elementary body while remaining here at certain seasons and times of more intimate union and commixture with these powers. Then, as occasion may be, mortality shall be hidden, or swallowed up in immortality, to make good that saying, "We shall not all die." We shall be changed from glory to glory by this bright influence, namely, these simplified spirits, through the Father of Spirits.

    Question: "Is not the Holy Ghost assigned for this great change and work of renovation? And where do we read in the scripture of such a globe or world having such spirits inhabiting it?"

    Answer: It is true, the Holy Ghost is sufficient as being deputized and promised by the Lord Christ for the perfecting of Regeneration, or New Creation. (41)But what if it is the wise designation and pleasure of God and His Eternal Wisdom to separate such pure spirits from His own Fountain-source; to put a new face of glory upon what is so deformed and vile through the variety of His operating spirits and powers immediately proceeding from Himself, and thereby effect the counsel of His will relating to this lapsed creation? 

    They are therefore most fit to open the depths that lie deeper than nature and creature, being brought forth for procreation of the inhabitants of the several worlds before any elements were in existence. All of these elements are to give place to that superstructure and building which shall be God Himself quite throughout His whole creation. For although (42)seven thousand years may be expired in the miseries and temptations of an elementary life in this outward and other invisible regions, yet what are these to a God who is an Eternal Circle which can never end? In this Circle of a boundless Eternity, the infinite and All-powerful God has much more to do in all worlds than what has been declared in Scripture or made known by any other means. 

    All prophecies and revelations in Scripture records extend no further than to the limits of the seventh thousand years sabbath. What will successively be produced between this age and that great Jubilee, both in this visible world and in those invisible worlds I have mentioned, cannot now be spoken of in particular. In short, there will certainly be most strange and wonderful changes throughout the whole Globe of Eternity for higher admiration than is yet contemplated. 

    God is so full of an infinite store that He must bring forth Himself perpetually in a variety of wonders. Let none therefore presume to set bounds or limits to the Wisdom and power of the immense Being, to shut Him up to this or that measure or degree, age or time. He has always moved in eternal liberty for the revealing and making known the counsel of His will and does not close up or restrict worthy inquirers and seekers of His mind from fathoming the treasures of His Wisdom. 

    These treasures are so manifold that they are to be renewed in every generation, according as I myself have experienced in my age of time (as the volumes of my writings do give witness to), proving that revelation has no cessation but is daily renewed in vessels and instruments fitly qualified to receive it. 

    Otherwise I could never have known what is written here or been able to give any account of the several worlds, regions or centers, had they not been shown to me. Therefore, this is much pressed upon me, knowing that it may be the last testimony I leave behind of this nature, to declare unto such as would know the mind and secrets of God. Thus, a special charge is given from the High Court of Eternity that you do not shut yourselves up to any foregoing dispensation or revelation. No, not to the Scripture record itself, which is truly weighty and worthy to be received, believed in and conformed to. 

    Yet it is not to be taken up and rested upon as if there were nothing more to be revealed for the benefit and instruction of mankind, since the same Spirit that did heretofore inspire the Holy men of God to record them is now in this last day more abundantly shed forth to multiply additional volumes of Scripture. For whatsoever is purely dictated by the Holy Ghost may be called by that name (Scripture). That which came by the Spirit before Christ's appearing in flesh, the patriarchs and prophets called Scripture. 

    Also, that which then was succeeded by a newer administration of the Spirit, the former being fulfilled in Him, was also called Scripture. This He promised should excel all that went before for a more plentiful sowing of the sacred unction in the holy ground of pure hearts. The Sower hereof is, according to His promise, gone forth, but where stony, thorny and unbelieving ground is, it cannot enter to take root. Such unbelief has hitherto, for a long time, caused a great scarcity and famine of the Spirit with all its fruitfulness. But now the day of the Spirit is arising and its bright Sun shall no more set, but multiply to its seven-fold light. 

    "Hear and hearken, Oh England's inhabitants! For unto you a great light has shined. Oh, let it not cloud and pass over you but be a wife in this your day to follow the Spirit's bright guiding Star which is arising amongst you. Oh, London! There is hid in you those who have a true and right mission from the Munitions Rock, to give out the waters of the Spirit plenteously. For a cry is gone forth for persons to be prepared and sanctified by this Water of Life, so that they may receive of the Holy Ghost and be witnesses of His power.

    "Hear and hearken in the Spirit. Oh, hearken and you will hear the Seventh Trumpet sound from the seven Spirits before the throne that tell you the mystery of time is no longer delaying. They declare to you that the Everlasting Gospel of the Love is opening and that the heavens are ready to roll down to open their glory upon the earth so that the inhabitants thereof may no longer lie buried in the dark shade of an earthly life.

    "Over thee, O City of London! A mighty angel flies with this thundering cry, "Do not despise prophecy, neither criticize the Ark of the Living Testimony from which, as a flowing stream, the Spirit must renew Paradise upon earth. This warning is given to all ranks and degrees, whether high or low, whether in the outward grandeur or in the private and interior means of this world. Even to you each and everyone does this call reach! 

"Shake, shake your earthy dust away,

For now it is the Spirit's Day,

That will admit of no Delay."

    For scepters and crowns must be thrown down to the Lamb of God. He is, in His saints, come to reign. Wherefore all nations, languages and peoples, not only here in this dominion, but beyond the seas everywhere, must hear the sound of this trumpet. For a mighty (43)Cyrus is already raised whom the Most High will uphold and endue with His Spirit in such a manner that he shall be able to bring forth His temple-glory and praise. Then, out of all kingdoms, countries and languages there shall be a gathering as of eagles, that they may fly to that high mountain where the Olive Tree will drop the unctuous Oil most freely. This is the Oil that I see run so in Spirit. And I see that some in all nations will herewith be shortly sprinkled to give notice that the Omnipotent King is entering upon His thousand years reign.(44)

    Thus, in answer to the grand objection, "How should there be any world or worlds besides what the Scripture has mentioned," it is demonstrated that there is a continual succession of the Spirit of Revelation that is never to cease but is to increase yet upon the earth more than ever, as will be known and witnessed in this very age.(45)

    I must now draw to the conclusion of this world called the Still Eternity, concerning which I have this to declare from what I was permitted to know when taken up into it. I was shown and taught these three particulars worthy to be observed: First, that no entrance for habitation is found here (Still Eternity) by any departed Spirit, though arrived to ever so high a degree of perfection. No, it was said that even Christ Himself, as the First-born from the dead and as glorified in our humanity, did not ascend up to the Still Eternity. The unity in the Godhead is always here in abstraction, but not in His personality. This Globe and inmost Court is reserved for a greater mystery than is yet to be made known. 

    Only this much was I informed with respect to it; that out of this Still Eternity, the Deity, in and through the Eternal Dilating Eye(46), forecasts His own working properties to manifest Himself in nature and thereby generate out of the Eternal Meek Stillness, the creating powers from the Trinity. It was these powers issuing from here which brought forth, in the first place, the angelical world, furnishing it with angelical Spirits and proceeding to the rest of the above-mentioned worlds. 

    The second thing we are to note is that this closed Principle and Highest Court (Still Eternity) of the Triune God and His Virgin Wisdom (with her offspring of simplified spirits), is not to be opened until the will and pleasure of God the Creating Father shall move Himself to do so. He shall then open it through these mild and pure spirits for some new manifestation and alteration of that which is found defective in the created worlds. This is so that by a renewed creating power going forth in this manner, out from the Still Eternity, another face of more excellent beauty and more transcendent glory may, for an everlasting establishment, come over that which has been under a lapse and apostasy.(47)

    How finite and short is all that can be said or even imagined in comparison with those more amazing and stupendous changes that still add to the glory of God's workmanship in His New Creation. 

    As to the third particular that we are to take notice of--the order, union and equal degree of these spirits in this Globe of Eternity--we can but just hint at it.

    This unity and co-equality of theirs is manifested by their operations. They are in their working motion most active, but all their acts and powers go forth in a most profound Stillness; the Deity co-operating through them, by which an influencing Stillness passes forth from them to the inhabitants of the other worlds. And yet these spirits remain all the while immoveable within their own principle and center, moving according as the Deity glimpses forth in them with the Governing Eye which gives them their all-seeing commission which, in a delightful obedience, they never fail to execute. Neither can they do otherwise, being unalterably fixed in the moving power of the Holy Ghost.

35. It seems important that we remember that these simplified spirits are holy, since they were generated and brought forth from the Father through Virgin Wisdom. They are said to do only one thing in the Still Eternity of God--behold Him. These spirits may indeed be what Jesus referred to in Matthew 18:10--"Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones (His disciples); for I say unto you, that in heaven their angelsdo always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven." "Who maketh His angels spirits . . ."--Ps. 104:4. 

36. Because of the great fear and superstition which prevails throughout much of the Body of Christ, it might be well to note that these spirits were not the spirits of those who had once lived, or demonic spirits, but Holy, simplified spirits brought forth and reserved for those elected ones who will show forth the character and nature of God from whence these spirits originated. 

37. Unless I am very wrong, this is none other than the Manifestation of the sons of God spoken of in Romans 8:19, for which the whole creation urgently awaits. 

38. This word, abstraction, is not one so commonly used today. The Britannica World Language Dictionary says, "In mental processes, we separate some one element from all that does not necessarily belong to it, abstract it, and view it alone." This definition seems to support the term, simplified, which Jane likes to use for these spirits. It is meant to denote, I believe, the distinction from the multiplicity found to be so common and so smothering in fallen Adam. This simple abstraction is the single eye, the single heart, the single purpose, the one nature and character of the servant of the Lord who is blind to all except what the all-seeing Eye sees and the all-hearing Ear hears the Father saying. It is a smaller image of Deity, bearing all the intrinsic characteristics and values of Himself. 

39. This statement brings to our minds the regal majesty in which our Lord Himself walked through the gospel pages, always without a ruffle in His spirit, with never a trace of fear or anxiety about Him, even when faced with the accusations and villainy of His detractors. It was present as He stood to be judged before Pilate and was still present upon the cross, as He prayed, "Father, forgive them." He trod upon a sea of crystal glass, not a sea of glass mingled with fire. 

40. This descent has nothing to do with a visible circular globe coming down from the sky. It denotes the spiritual descent of the principle from its higher realm (another dimension, if you will) into our own lower realm for the manifestation of its influence. No one will see a globe descending in the air, but its influences and powers will no doubt be known to all. 

41. As I read this portion, I was disappointed that Jane, in answer to the question, answered with what seemed to me a weak, "What if. . ." One may "what if" themselves to any destination desired. I thought about this and even slept on it. Finally, I was somewhat comforted in her steadfast and consistent integrity which is found throughout all her writings in that she simply will not fudge or overstep her bounds where the Lord is concerned. She does not say, "The Lord has shown me that He has so designated these spirits in place of the Holy Spirit." She merely asks "What if" He has designated them for this assigned purpose? I have no explanation to offer, as to the question asked, other than to observe that God is sovereign and may still at any time do as He pleases. She does make a pretty good case for this as we read on. Personally, I am persuaded that these things are true, or else none of her writings are to be trusted. For those who may feel otherwise, please do not shut yourself off by closing your heart, but merely lay these things aside for the present until you feel you have attained further growth in spirit. Then read it again and see if you still feel the same.

42. We are not to misconstrue this statement to mean that no one shall come into Christ's fullness and character until after 7,000 years, but that some shall still be found in the miseries of such an earthly life until the great Jubilee shofar has sounded and been heard by all. 

43. What mighty Cyrus could this refer to except the mighty One who said, "I will build My church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Cyrus was the man in the Old Testament (Isaiah 44:28) who, as a type, bountifully supplied all that was needed for the rebuilding of Jerusalem and laying the foundations for the Temple of God. The Cyrus spoken of here is Jesus Christ, who shall bountifully supply all that is needed for the bringing forth of the New Jerusalem and the laying of the foundations of that true Temple that shall be known as none other than Wisdom's Temple. 

44. What a time for us to be living in! What privilege to see the things God is now revealing to us! We actually live in that time when the 1,000 years reign of Christ is no longer future, but already begun, albeit still veiled. 

45. If this statement were not true, we would all still be safely ensconced in the local church or fellowship we started out in. But because God has been merciful to us in revealing His Son to us and in us in ways He has not yet revealed Him to others, we are known by them as heretics and in many cases are so labeled by them. This will continue to be the case as we say with Paul, "After the way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the law and the prophets" --Acts 24:14. 

46. There will be a later, special publication made available which goes into more detail as to the Abyssal Dilating Eye and what that concerns. There are those who would be interested and others who would not. It will therefore be made available in this manner so as not to bore or perplex those who are not interested. 

47. While most people reading these pages readily believe that such a renewing work is planned upon the sons of God as well as upon all who shall afterwards follow them, few realize that even the vegetable and animal kingdoms (Col. 1:20--all things) shall be renewed by and through the creative powers manifested upon earth, making real that saying that all kingdoms are become the kingdom of God and His Christ. The entire wrinkled face of God's fallen creation shall eventually be renewed by that New Creation known as the sons of God-- the priests of the Lord according to the order of Melchizedek.

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