8 WORLDS - Section One
To The Reader
From The (Original) Editor

    The Author (under God) is very sensible to the fact that the subject matter contained in this Treatise will appear more than ordinarily strange to the greatest part of those who shall read it. Yet, it is not the least doubted that it will carry with it a Living Testimony for the confirmation of its truth, not only to those who are already redeemed from the earth to follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth, being set free from the traditions, rules and manuductions (hand-led) of men, but also to some who may be yet under the name, mark and image of the beast, and of this worldly principle. 

    This may sufficiently prove its primary Author (God), and demonstrate that the Great Shepherd of Israel is now desiring to lead His sheep into fresh pastures. The reception which the former books, offered through this instrument, (The Heavenly Cloud, and of the Revelation of Revelations [The Heavenly Cloud has been offered through this ministry under the title, Ascension Angels--Present Editor]) have found among the nations in the High Dutch tongue, is certainly greater than could have proceeded from any dead or lifeless testimony. To relate how God has blessed them and does daily bless them, as it appears from letters continually coming from foreign parts, would be to write a history. 

    And if a prophet is not so much esteemed in his own as in another country, this is no new thing nor to be more wondered at than that our blessed Lord Himself did meet with the worst reception where he ought to have found the best. He was, as to His divine power, more a stranger and less believed in by His own town than by any other.

    The Wisdom of God is exceedingly wonderful in the choice He makes of instruments through which to Manifest Himself, so that which belongs only to Him may not be attributed to the creature. He takes up a meek and fearful vessel to make the most haughty powers to tremble; the youngest and most despised son of a shepherd, to make him a glorious conqueror over many potent princes and to leave a kingdom to his posterity in peace; an ordinary plowman, to make him mighty to command both heaven and earth, even to teach him to destroy his enemies by an invisible power and to raise up again the dead to life; a woman, to be a mother and savior in Israel when no man was found; and a few fishermen, to stand up against and triumph over all the strength and policy of the world. So that it must be said, "This is verily the Lord's doing and it is wonderful in our eyes."

    There is certainly so far from being anything of the refinement of man in whatever has passed through this blessed instrument, and such an inability in the subject to make use of it, that it cannot fail to give great offense to all that seek to be offended. So to those who seek more for the Wisdom that is from above than that which is below, there is here a clear demonstration from whence it must have proceeded. And I have permission to say here, that whoever in the meek and sober spirit shall desire further satisfaction in this subject here dealt with, the author will readily answer to such inquiring minds while still alive.

    This much is undeniable; that even though some may think that what is advanced here may serve to render some souls more careless concerning their future state and to stop their provision for it, there is not so much as a possibility of admission, even into the lowest heavens, without the New Birth. This is in accordance with the foundation upon which all this stands. Wherefore, it highly behooves everyone to secure that New Birth and to press forward with the greatest earnest so that they get entirely out of the hellish source and the evil nature, raising themselves up above whatever is elementary. Then, upon their leaving this visible world they may be found clothed upon with the Holy One Element.

    What I have revealed here might not have gone any farther than among a few confessing friends, except the same Spirit who revealed it was pleased to raise up, in a wonderful manner, a great and princely defender and protector of these divine truths and of the high mystery of faith. This person's name shines gloriously in the unsealed book of life.(1) He seems committed to do all that is needful for the promulgation of the glad tidings of the everlasting covenant and kingdom of God and man. This shall no doubt result in the building of the Temple of Jerusalem and the raising of the Tabernacle of David that is fallen. The effect of this will be more abundantly manifested by what shall be published hereafter through the assistance and direction of the great Master Builder, the Lord, Blessed forever.

The Contents

1. A Manifestation concerning the Eight Worlds, Regions Allotted to Human souls
2. A Further Manifestation concerning the Four Heavenly Worlds
3. An Answer to a Question

The Wonders of the Eight Worlds

    "Whereas it hath been sounded in my ears that no new spring of revelation from Him who is ascended into the heavens doth come down, BEHOLD, I, JESUS THE LORD, have given and raised up, and will yet more evidently give and raise up, witnesses to contradict the unbelieving. They, while they continue so, will be excluded from this great and inestimable privilege of taking from Me and thereby of knowing the hidden secrets that lie in God, the Fountain of Eternity.

    "Now then, to you who have already borne a true witness for Me, I do give a further commission to go forth from an unsealed book within. Herein you shall meet with an immeasurable deep of revelation to publish for the universal enlightening of the ignorant and blind in mind. For as the result of this, the Spirit's day shall break up apace so that it may be known that God in His Christ has not forgotten to reveal Himself to the inhabitants of this lower world in truth and righteousness. But together with this, there will be that which shall take up a false covering of the Spirit."

    Therefore, my Lord did say to me that pure and right revelation shall not go forth naked or only literally, but clothed with power to the number seven, where the strength of an almightiness shall be guard upon its testimony of truth and verity.(2)

    Now then, I am to make report of some particulars revealed by the Spirit of Christ. The first of which is this: That the time is very near approaching in which the earth shall call forth the dead that have been buried in the body of sin.(3) For this end, a terrible blow and stroke upon the nations of the earth must suddenly come. God says He is wearied out with the sinful abomination of this world to which He purposes shortly to put an end.(4)

    For it hath accordingly been sounded in my inner ear that the ends of all sinful worlds are now determined by the great Creator of them. Upon this saying, I queried in Spirit with my Lord, "In what other worlds besides this visible and known world did the evil of sin yet remain?" Whereupon it was replied that such as go out of this world in their gross earthly life without a death to self or clarification, obtained through the waters of regeneration, and the blood of Christ shed in them, and so atoning for sin and trespasses (which not being entirely done away before they go out of this life, will still abide with them in their nature and quality after death), these pass into such worlds, stations, or centers which are most agreeable and natural to them. They do accordingly bear great varieties and sundry degrees of punishments proportioned to the impurity that is left in them. 

    For sin does not die totally with the body unless there hath been a dying to it while yet in the body, by the Spirit of righteousness spreading over it. So because of this, a cry goes forth to all nations, peoples and languages to purge out the corrupt leaven of sin that it may not go with them into that world, or worlds, where their lot may be.

    It hath been revealed to me that there are eight regions, or worlds, that do receive the souls of all degrees and ranks:

- The FIRST of these is this mortal visible world.
- The SECOND is the astral or aerial world.
- The THIRD is the waterish elementary world.
- The FOURTH is the fiery dark world.

    These are all the worlds where sinful lusting may be, with punishments answerable until sin shall expire therein through the mediatorship and propitiation of Christ the Almighty Redeemer. For into the next four (upper) worlds nothing of evil or sin can enter to dwell with the inhabitants.

    The first of these is the PARADISICAL WORLD. This world is all celestial and a very pleasant state where there is a growing to higher degrees of perfection. 

    The completion of this perfection is for the second world called, the KINGDOM OF MOUNT ZION. This is where Christ the Lord's Kingdom is in great magnificence with all the angelic principalities under Him with the elders, patriarchs, prophets and apostles. 

    The third heavenly world is the royal and principal seat of God the Father, with the eternal Virgin Wisdom and the Seven Spirits. The title of this great city is called the NEW   JERUSALEM, where the Glassy Sea doth encompass it about.

    Then above this (the fourth) is that world called the STILL ETERNITY. Out of this were generated all of these worlds above mentioned.

    For of these I must give an account as I have had them shown from the deep center and Original Being of them. I did not know, when I published my two last treatises, (The Enochian Life and Laws of Paradise) that my God would ever have made use of me any more in this way, the day of my life being so far spent and growing to its evening rest. But my Lord still follows me with fresh revelations and enkindlings from His own immense deep, which run as a fiery stream through me so that I find there is no resisting this all-propelling power. By such enkindlings are hidden and unknown worlds made manifest in this last age of times.

    Before I go upon this large and copious matter, it will be proper to answer the grand objection that is expected to be cast upon the reading hereof, "Since the Holy Scripture makes no mention of such various worlds and realms, how shall we give credit to it?"(5) In answer to this, it is given from Him who Was, and Is, and Will Be the true Inspirer to open new volumes of His mind which are not to be less honored and credited than the earlier Scriptures. The Old Testament has been appropriated to the ministration of the Father; the New Testament, to the Son; now the third day is come in which the Holy Ghost will have His. 

    As for revealing and unsealing what was never before known or understood, they (the third day Scriptures) will excel all before them, and will be communicated to and by such as are sanctified and set apart in an extraordinary manner for this holy unction. For from this Spirit's Day, a new spring of things yet to be revealed must go forth, both as to the present and future state that has lain hidden within these mentioned worlds. 

    This account I am more particularly to give according as it hath been shown to me from the Spirit of inspiration. For I write here from no other ground than what the Spirit of Christ, in the glass of Wisdom, hath presented to my inward eye, which pierceth into the deep of God's mind and is to be concealed no longer. For the Holy Unction is given for this end; to drop His Golden Oil, which will dissolve all those seals that have stood so long for a hiding and shutting up of those mysterious truths that a commission is now given to bring forth. This is in order for their being proclaimed and inscribed upon the pillars and temple of God's House.(6) Whether believed or not, it must stand as the engraving of God's hand.

    The first order is this corporeal visible world in which we now live, where good and evil births have been produced from Adam.(7) Such birth shall still go on to be procreated until the numbers shall be filled up, that are indeed to us as innumerable but numbered and known by God. Here a foundation is laid for His manifold Wisdom to be made manifest in a wonderful way from this first ground of natural generation. These births, after a limited time, must pass through the death of the elementary body to such regions as to which their lot will fall. As for such ranks of souls that die unregenerate, these, having no part in Christ and having lived ignorant of Him and as without God in this present world, go to their own direful place within the circumference of the evil worlds. There they will be proved and tried by the mighty God and Savior until the general restitution of all lapsed worlds shall come to be effected. But of this we will not further insist now, having more largely declared it elsewhere.

    Now therefore, beginning from below, I proceed to make known to the true simplified inquirers what the first and lowest of the worlds, or elements, is. This is entitled the DARK HELLISHWORLD, and is allotted a receptacle for Lucifer and the rest of the apostatized angels of that hierarchy by the only supreme Creator and Judge.(8)It may be also calledTHE DIREFUL AND BLACK KINGDOM, over which Lucifer is King, ruling there in the pride of his might in the wrathful fire. Now from hence it is given us to understand that such souls which, in the time of this life, are infected and deeply essenced in this satanic principle, being stained with all that is diabolical and leaving this life without being renewed and transformed in some degree by the light and love principle, must expect this hellish world to be their habitation and portion when they die out of the body. This shall be accompanied with all those punishments that the evil angels (spirits) shall delight to inflict upon them.

    Oh, that this dreadful place and company could warn and terrify all that are of this diabolical spirit! For who would ever endure, were it but for a year, or a few years, such intolerable sufferings if they might by any means be prevented?(9) This may be done if in holy fear they shall shun all those evils which lead here.

    So having no more to say to this Dark Kingdom, we must leave it to the fiery purgation until the venom of sin in every evil property shall expire by means of it, whether angels of the hellish source or such souls as have been deceived and captivated by them. 

    For the creating fiat will move the mystery yet once again for the making of all things new. Then shall the old things of hell, death, sorrow and pain come no more into remembrance. (Rev. 21:4) God is said to be everlasting and unchangeable in Love, but not so in anger and wrath, for Love must drown and swallow that up.

    Now the elementary worlds, with their peculiar inhabitants severally allotted to them, are next to be searched into. Be it known then, that each element or realm, has a Spirit of another kind than what is known or can be seen amongst mortals. The fiery region has a spirit proper to it that is only of the nature and quality of the Fire. The Water likewise and the Air, each has its proper spirit to inhabit therein.

    4. Present Visible World
    3. Astral World (Airy)
    2. Waterish Elemental World
    1. Fiery Dark World

    In these are filled up the wonders of God's Creation having their several offices, known to the Creator, which are not yet manifest to mortals. Only this much is revealed and deserves to be known; that these elementary spirits cooperate and qualify with the elementary nature of man, both for good and evil, according to the propensity of the mind, however it may incline. But we shall leave this mystery until the one everlasting element shall stand open for unveiling these secrets and so proceed to let you know the state of such as depart out of this body. This I am to order according to their several ranks and degrees:

    The first I have already mentioned; those who depart out of the body in the diabolical spirit

    The second sort is such as are ignorant of God and of their own eternal Being, looking no further than to an earthly animal and rational life in which they are swallowed up. Yet, these do darkly see something beyond, believing in God and Christ historically, and are convinced by the light of nature that they stand in need of a Savior and so falsely take hold of Him.(10) These, when they die, pass no higher than the airy region,(11) where they are to abide until they receive power and strength to mount higher. For in these elements the proper rest is not found.

    Now for the third degree of souls, they are those that are more knowing and believing in God and Christ. These are truly convinced of their depravity and lost estate, yet cannot come off clearly from the worldly principle and so do not pass through the strait gate of the New Birth of Regeneration. Still, withstanding all this, they entertain hopes of salvation through Christ. They believe that at death they may presently enter without more ado into the heavenly Kingdom, in which millions of souls are deceived.(12)

    They that are of this rank and sort have but somewhat a higher degree in the elementary regions, where their receptacle and mansion must be, until time shall wear out all the gross matter of the impure elements. And as they feel not much pain, agony or sorrow, so also but little pleasure or joy, because they cannot reach the vision of God. But redemption will operate in these and work through great distress of mind and reflection for the lost time and opportunity which has been missed to gain a higher state.

    Here a query may be put concerning the fiery soul that is eternal and breathed forth from God and found to lie hidden in the unregenerate persons. It may be asked, "Where does this divine and pure Spirit go upon their decease?" In answer to this, we may give you to understand according to what has been made known in the divine Wisdom; that the supreme Spirit returns to God who introduced it into the elementary (dusty) body (Eccl. 12:7).

    Thus God takes that which is His own to Himself. For this is a high graduated Spirit that belongs to the soul and, being smothered and stifled by the contrary principle, never came into any dominion to suppress and reign over the opposite nature. And so with relation to this, God said of the old wicked world that His Spirit should no longer strive with man. So that the soul, which never was renewed and born again, may go into deprivation and suffering, together with the astral and elementary part, for a known and limited time, until that which is elementary shall be refined and transmuted.(13)

    When therefore the set time shall come for God to move and open the one element that shall transmute all elements into itself, then the New Creation of pure celestial bodies in every region will be made manifest.(14) Here I must stop my pen, for the mystery of both living and dead is so hidden and deep that the Holy Ghost brings to light a new record which this present age cannot well bear nor understand. 

    Nor will it be well borne or understood until there comes a breaking off from the old traditional knowledge and a weaning from the breasts of a strange mother so that they, as newborn spirits, may draw fresh unction from the Eternal Word of Wisdom, which gives light to the understanding and by which the counsel of the Most High is made known and all the secrets that can be desired are manifested. Which leads on to the Four Heavenly Worlds:

    The first of these is the Paradisical World. The inhabitants of this world are such as have attained to a good degree of regeneration, being born of the Spirit and have been partakers of the baptism of the Water, blood and Spirit for change and alteration. These qualifications are so that the principle of the Paradisical World might be opened in them before they depart out of the body of mortality. If such may be their case, then they shall find a swift passage to enter Paradise where, as plants, they spring and grow for an higher transplanting into the Kingdom of Mount Zion.

    It is very rare that any souls come up to be with Christ the Lord immediately upon the departing from the body, though I do not say that some may not reach to such a perfect degree of Christlikeness so that when they die, this angelical World may stand open to receive them. Such, being admitted into that high glorification may ascend from glory to glory until at length they arrive to the New Jerusalem State. Beyond this there remains no more to pass into except the innermost place of purity, which bears the title of the Still Eternity. There is nothing to be perceived here but everlasting rest, stillness, and silence. Of course, there are some particulars of each of these worlds to be declared at this time from the faithful Witness (Virgin Wisdom) so that it may be known who are made fit to inhabit them.

    1. Paradise
    2. Mount Zion
    3. New Jerusalem
    4. Still Eternity

    It ought then to be made known that those souls which are born of God and so renewed in every part (the whole man being changed into a deified nature), must needs enjoy and know beforehand the joys and pleasures of these worlds to which they do belong. For the joys and pleasures of these worlds shall be according to that degree to which any reach in this lifetime. When they expire, such as are allotted for the Paradisical world, will have it open to them and in them at some time or other while yet in the body. For the spiritual property will qualify most interiorly, so the true mystical paradise puts forth its flowing glory in the inward ground of a renewed mind.(15)

    This is so that this Outward Principle and evil world does not prevent those pleasant golden springs from running to encircle and water every plant in the holy and heaven-born souls which have been renewed by the Spirit of Christ. Therefore, the Holy Trinity often delights to manifest themselves in the souls of Paradisical hearts and minds, now as well as hereafter.

    From here it was given me to understand that, as with the mystical Paradise, so also does the mystical Zion, by the same operation of the Spirit, stand open in the ground of this pure heart, gradually shooting forth and revealing itself in it. And concerning this more-than-glorious world (the kingdom of Christ in which He reigns with His perfected saints), it is shown me how the same light and pure principle opens itself in those souls where the Paradisical or angelic life springs spiritually. 

    Every world or principle attracts to itself its own which belong to it. The powers and influences of each are sensibly felt according to the spiritual constellations to which one is born.(16) The vile and wicked sort are pulled and drawn by the power of the dark world. The heaven-born souls however are inspired and qualified by these upper worlds, and this is well known by some, so that Paradise and the Mount Zion World are manifested in their own original light in the center of the soul. From this center I do give a description of these invisible worlds as they were first opened within. 

    From here Love, power, joy and peace do spring, and make heaven to be present in those souls dwelling with Christ. Also, all the angelical train, though not visibly seen is essentially enjoyed. But this is only to be known by spirits that are deeply introverted and carried out beyond a creaturely life.(17) When any worthy ones shall be established in this light principle, then we may expect that the eternal powers will move and work through such, to whom the dominion of Christ's Kingdom here below will be entrusted.(18) For this assertion we have many Scripture prophecies in Isaiah, Revelation and Daniel that do abundantly declare how it must and will be given to the saints of the Most High to possess the Kingdom. There is also a confirmation of this by a renewed Spirit of Prophecy that assures us that this day is very near and that it will be upon the world before they are aware of it. 

    For as the man of the earth has had his ruling day universally, so shall the Lord from heaven descend in such a manner into His own prepared vessels here below, in His Kingly and Priestly power, as shall overturn and bear down all earth powers. Of this we shall speak further in the next step up to the third court or principality of God the Father's majesty. 

    The Jerusalem City is more glorious and magnificent than what has yet been mentioned, far surpassing the glories of the two lower blessed worlds. As to the walls and foundations of it, with the gates that open into it, they are all so diaphanous (delicately sheer and transparent) and full of radiant light that it is altogether impossible to describe it in any degree as it has been seen in the Spirit. All metaphorical figures of it fall very much short of the excellence of its actual spiritual substance. 

    The City mentioned here is God Himself, dilating and spreading forth His Godhead in such amazing varieties as to be impossible to describe. This is a principle and world into which none but Christ in His glorified humanity, with such high saints as are glorified with His glory, can have any access. Of this inconceivable abundance of glory, these do continually participate with Him, ascending and descending as cause requires. 

    There is no pass into this City but through the Glassy Sea.(19) (Rev. 15:2) None do tread and stand upon this sea but such spirits as are qualified and clothed upon with the self-same matter which is all crystalline water and transparent fire. O, how I am lost out of myself while this globe of light and all the wonders therein do open! For in this interim, it was said to me, "Behold! All the weights of glory have I prepared not only for pleasure to Myself, but for such as do love and put on their Lord Christ in Deiformity and so, as conquerors, pass through the Glassy Sea to enter through the gates, having this City written upon their foreheads."(20)

    Now it remains to open the more mystical sense of the Invisible Eternity(21) of this Mother City, the New Jerusalem. From here the Father, in union with His Virgin Wisdom, multiplies and fills up that principle with virgin spirits that are most perfectly pure and immaculate. Nothing of the redeemed can any arrive unto beyond this realm. Mount Zion Kingdom is most great and glorious, but inferior to the New Jerusalem. The reason is, the Mount Zion Kingdom is part of the Priestly mediatorship of Christ, but in this New Jerusalem all is completed and finished.(22) So when this New Jerusalem shall descend, it will soon put this old, sinful and impure world to an end.(23) Being able to give no more than a short and finite description of this infinite, eternal and all-glorious world, I am led to further open the mystery of it so far as it relates to this present age and to the saints who are to make up this city and bring their glory to shine in it.

    Here it may be questioned whether any spirit or person in this mortal world can possibly become so clarified as to be a part of that High Court of Eternity, that is, New Jerusalem. It is clear that none may come here but those who have passed through the first two principles: Paradise and Mount Zion's Kingdom.

    The answer: it is granted that it must be so. Yet, it is not impossible for those of goodwill and obedience to be made suitable to this order, for these heavenly worlds will come down and open and diffuse their qualifying powers into them in order to make them partakers of this Jerusalem world.(24) These shall enjoy its spiritual substance, which will enter souls into a present most happy and blissful fruition of GOD.

    This is not spoken only by an intelligence revealed from the heavens, which is a great enough witness to confirm the truth of it, but there is yet another evidence as to where and in whom this City is already come down in its purity and brightness, though veiled to mortals here below.(25) The resplendent Deity may lie obscured for a time under the shade of contemptible humanity, but Virgin Wisdom's day will pierce through the dark pitcher of this earthly form to shine forth by her bright star. Even in this time of our eventide her morning light shall spread upon the earth.

    But methinks this question meets me by the way, "What do you mean by this Virgin Wisdom(26) who is the true Mother of the Citizens of this Jerusalem and the Princess of this Kingdom?" 

    Of this I shall doubtless give the unbiased and godly inquirer a true and right account from the great knowledge that has been freely communicated to me, and of which I have made mention in some formerly printed books (Ascension Angels and Laws of Paradise [You may send for them at the address found on cover]). Now upon the opening of the four heavenly worlds, a fresh stream of her brightness has encircled my inward mind so that I might know and understand what has lain hidden in her secret deep.(27) This I am commanded to bring forth to light and manifestation. I must obey this command for publication and observe all her rules and methods. 

    In the first place, we shall describe her Eternal Originality, which is from God the Triune Deity. Her Eternal Originality is that of a Virgin hidden in Him from all eternity. But, as to her nativity brought forth in time, I shall not speak in a proverb but plainly. God created Adam at the first to bear His own image and figure. He was to represent God Himself, the High and divine masculine, Male and Female. Thus Adam had his Virgin within himself, in imitation of his Creator, which in time was brought forth in a distinct figure. This was a type of the Eternal Virgin Mother (Wisdom) who lay hidden in God, the center and heart of flaming Love.(28) From here (the flaming heart of God) the production of a glorious female figure was brought forth which was so co-mixed and mingled with Deity that she became God's Spouse and Bride, being Spirit of His Spirit.(29)

    Now be it known unto all, that from this Eternal Virgin Wisdom, a new generation of virgin spirits shall be born to make up the glory of the New Jerusalem City.(30)

    Jesus Christ shall be the head and the Firstborn of this royal and princely generation. He was conceived in the womb of that Virgin Mary after the way and manner of human nature, which was but a type of the Eternal Virgin (Wisdom) who brought forth the Son of God before all time. But Mary's womb was sanctified to bring forth that Christ in time, who was the Son of God before all time. And so the Eternal Virgin Womb goes on still, according to nature, to bring forth Wisdom's Off-spring by the overshadowing of the Holy Ghost and the qualifying powers from the Jerusalem World.

    The next place I am to acquaint you with is the way of nurturing and the manner of education in which Virgin Wisdom's children are to be matured and disciplined. Because their birth is great and high, being heirs to the Father's Kingdom of Eternity, they must have all those worthy accomplishments suited to an (31)Eternal Kingdom. Such is required. The chiefest of these accomplishments, as they have been revealed by the Spirit of Wisdom, shall be declared and made known: 

    The first proviso or caution which is given, is to be aware that these holy births are encompassed with an evil and sinful principle wherein are great dangers and temptations to prevent and hold down this pure thing from springing forth. Therefore, as soon as this birth occurs, it must deny and despise the image of the earthly sinful birth by which the heaven-born spirit will be daily proved. For Christ the Lord was not exempted from such temptations, so all must be tried in like manner until the conquest be wrought out. Therefore we are charged to forsake our sinful native country and people, with our father Adam and Eve's family and to return unto our first and ancient City of which God is the Light. This is the City which Wisdom rules through the Eternal Spirit and governs in all Love-sovereignty.

    This then being proposed, I come to give the particulars concerning after what manner Wisdom's children are to be educated. In the state of their infancy and minority, as soon as they are spiritually born, care is to be taken that this holy birth draw the sustenance of life from no other than its own Virgin Mother(32) whose breast must at all times satisfy and nourish it. For according to what it sucks in, so such a kind, nature and quality the birth is, for it draws in the spirit and life of its Mother. Therefore watch to it and hang not upon any strange breast.

    Question: "What kind of clothing must this Royal Birth have?"

    Answer: Though it is born a pure spirit, yet it must not be without a body (naked) and in want of that sort of clothing which becomes Wisdom's Princely Children. You may ask, "What is that?" It is a pure and fine robe made up of a Diaphanous Matter from the one Eternal and Unmixed Element which can never fade as did Adam's Paradisical body. That Paradisical body, though celestial, was yet alterable. When it withdrew itself, he became naked.

    For he had thus lost his Virgin Body wherein his strength did lie. But now again, care is taken in the New Creation that a body be fitly prepared for the making up the New Jerusalem Bride. It may be objected that none can expect to be made so ready and rarified in this lifetime, so long as they are clothed with the body of the four elements (as refers to nature--air, water, fire and earth).

    In answer to this, be it said that the corporeal body is but an outside covering, as the Badger's Skin was a covering upon the Tabernacle Glory. Yet I must distinguish between those who are renewed and born into this Virgin Mind and Nature, and those who are strangers to it. They who know nothing of it are in such a state only because they have not searched into their own deep where the (33)Original Matter of it doth lie. They who will not seek Him and find Him within, may and do wear out their clothes and go away naked without being clothed upon with this Spiritual Body. WITHOUT THE SPIRITUAL BODY THERE IS NO GETTING UP HIGH ENOUGH TO FACE THE THRONE MAJESTY.(34) So they must abide in centers of low degree until they can put on Christ's Resurrection Body. This is the Royal Robe in which the Virgin Bride, with all her offspring, shall appear at the festival day when the Marriage shall be solemnized. 

    The Firstfruits of it (the new spiritual body) are given as tokens and pledges to Wisdom's Children by Christ, now in the time of His Betrothal, unto the pure in spirit who keep their Virgin Mind undefiled. He will, as a most intimate lover, make frequent visits, bringing to them choice spiritual food. This is so that the espoused may banquet with Him while the cup of Love is renewed and refilled as fast as it has been drunk. 

    Oh, is this not a Ravishing Love which our Emmanuel confers upon this degree of persons, considering that we are yet but in our minority and carrying the profane appearance of a mortal cast? Out from this delightful relationship shall He give such a drawing and shaking as shall make the vile and gross image which we now bear to be more fine than the Gold of Ophir. It is by means of the Superior Element (the Royal Robe of the Resurrection Body) co-mingling with our minds which shall qualify and cause the Light to arise in a shining brilliance (as at Christ's transfiguration--Editor). This co-mingling shall bring one up into the unity of the Lord's glory.

    Now, having given you an account of the Seven Worlds, with the inhabitants assigned to fill them up, I will proceed to the Eighth. It is the beginning and the highest of all worlds, called the Still Eternity. It is impossible for anyone to describe or give an account of this world. They must be taken up into it in order to know it.

    Yet there is a freedom to attempt a description according to what hath been seen in this world by a spirit (Jane) that has been translated there. It may be most properly entitled, the Highest Principality of the Triune Majesty. The situation of it is founded upon an abyssal deep. From this place an inaccessible light generates and spreads itself without bounds as a vast globe of Eternity. God is here to be known and understood abstractly from Eternal Nature as abiding in His own simplified Deity before either the angels or any other creatures were created. Here the Holy Trinity dwells in the meek stillness, enjoying themselves before they brought forth any image or likeness of themselves. For in this high and lofty sphere, no figures of glory can be seen. Yet, great powers did move here, and various wonders did appear, sending forth a majestic awesomeness. 

1. Jane here emphasizes that it is not only the primary instrument whom God wills to bless for its part in declaring this great message but also all those who volunteer their resources to make it possible. In Jane's day, it was this gentleman to whom she refers here. In our day, it is you who have unselfishly given of your finances to make it possible to get this word to those who otherwise would never have had the opportunity to hear it. There will certainly be some surprises in that day when rewards are given. 

2. It should not be thought extraordinary that such a word as this should go forth in might and power for certification and not simply as a literal word, since God saw fit to send forth a lesser declaration of Pentecost clothed with power for validation. 

3. Those who have read much of Jane's writings, know by now that she incurably speaks in beautiful metaphor. She is not referring here to that resurrection known as the general resurrection which takes place at the close of the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth in which all that are in the grave shall come forth. She is speaking metaphorically of those who have long lain in the grave of the mortality of this vile body. The time is now coming on when such a grave shall no longer be able to retain them. 

4. This phrase sounds very much like that spoken by Him just prior to the sending of a deluge of waters upon the earth in order to bring an end to all flesh. The difference is that this time He will not send a deluge of water but of Spirit! Such a deluge shall accomplish what water never could. It will usher in a new race of human-beings through whose instrumentality all flesh shall finally and ultimately cease from existence. Not in a day or a year, but as God usually does everything; little by little, starting with a small remnant which shall grow to cover the face of the whole earth. 

5. Because traditional fundamental thought has placed such emphasis upon the error that all inspiration has ceased since the completed canon of Scripture, many have unconsciously bought into it. Yet, the Scriptures themselves declare otherwise. "The things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God" --I Corinthians 2:11. Meaning, it requires as much inspiration of the Spirit to hear what God is saying through Scripture as it took for holy men of God to write them in the first place. This denies that inspiration, or the need thereof, has ceased. We are clearly taught of Scripture that we are to be a people born of the Spirit, taught of the Spirit and led of the Spirit. Are we therefore to limit the Spirit to teaching and leading us only out of the written Word? Is He never allowed to give forth fresh and new revelations which God, in His infinite Wisdom, has seen fit to close up under seal of secrecy until that set time for their unsealing? Surely this cannot be, or else the Scriptures would not refer to such things as, "The mystery of Christ which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit" --Ephesians 3:5. The answer which the Pharisees of Jesus' day gave was, "No." Therefore they missed the new thing God would perform.

The Spirit is the true Author of all Scripture. If He wishes to speak in addition to what has been written and canonized, may He not do so? Where is it written that there can be no further Scriptures after our canon? Scripture completion and conclusion of inspiration is but the error of man. 

6. Those elected, prepared and installed are the pillars and collective temple of the Lord. That these things must be inscribed upon them is an idiom meaning that these truths have been so believed and absorbed that they have become a part of them. These truths have become so much a part of their hearers that they work toward making up the character and nature of these pillars and this temple. 

7. It strikes me as more than ironic that this present world in which we now live and with which mankind is so enamored and captivated, is but the highest of the four hellish dark worlds. Adam fell farther than most realize. 

8. A much fuller account of this is given in her writing, The Everlasting Gospel which is made available by writing to us and requesting it. It should be noted here that the great fear held almost universally by those believing in eternal torment (that we believe in no hell at all) is seen to be unfounded. We declare a hell just as tormenting, just as horrid and dreadful as the hell declared by those who hold it to be eternal. The only difference is that we hold that it is not eternal, but for a set time and duration and for a wise, loving and prescribed purpose. 

9. I cannot bring myself to believe that those holding to an eternal punishment really believe it. This question Jane here asks begs an answer. If the creature can ask it, why would not the God of all wisdom and compassion ask it before creating a condition in which almost 100 billion of His creatures languish for an eternity in torment without ever a hope of deliverance? Such is not the God of Love of which the Bible speaks. 360 verses of Scripture declares that His mercy endures forever. 700 verses state that God loves all mankind, the mercy of Jesus is mentioned 360 times, His kindness 52 times, His goodness to all men 100 times and His lovingkindness 29 times. 

10. These are those who have not heard of Christ, who have not been taught concerning him or who, like the New Agers, do not acknowledge Him or give Him His due honor and glory. It is those who have not purposely turned their backs on Him. They simply have not known Him. 

11. Jane speaks of these four regions out of the order she has listed them. If the reader will refer to them as they are named, and not as they are numbered, all should be cleared up. 

12. These are those who by far represent the majority of mankind, many, many of which are regular attendants of some traditional church. They know but a historical Christ and have never known a birth of His Spirit. What a tragedy shall be visited upon both minister and people when the day shall reveal that those under whom they have sat, to whom they have given their money and time, have been but merely religious spin-masters who had a form of godliness but none of the power that might have actually touched and transformed their lives! What disappointment. What confusion, upon death, to find oneself in quite another circumstance than what had been taught and hoped for. 

13. Jane is here referring to the fuller thought found in Genesis 6:3-- "My Spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he is also flesh: yet his days shall be 120 years." God's intention never was simply to drown everyone. It was a type of that deluge of His Spirit which He would surely send upon the earth after 120 Jubilees. 50 (Jubilee) X 120 (end of flesh) = 6,000. Thus, what God was really saying was that at the close of man's six working days (a day equaling 1,000 years), He would bring an end to the working of all flesh so that man could enter into the true 7,000th year (day) Rest of God on the ground of Christ's resurrection. 

14. The transmuting power that Jane is here speaking of, which she alludes to later, is that which follows the installation of the virgin eternal spirit in its physical body. This will be entered into for greater explanation later, but the Still Eternity of God is inhabited only by God in His abstract being as He is here beheld by those eternal spirits generated out from Him in this world. Their only function is to behold Him, waiting to be commissioned and sent to inhabit a body, upon which there is given such a new tendency of mind that even the physical body itself is affected by it and clarified to a diaphanous and transparent body of light and power. These see with that eye which beholds only God; they hear with that ear which hears only God, so that they can also say, "I do only that which I see my Father do and speak only that which I hear my Father speaking." They see and hear only from the eye and ear of their eternal spirit which is in the Still Eternity with God. It was to this place (the Still Eternity of God) Jesus referred when He said, "No man hath ascended up to (this) heaven, save the Son of man who is in heaven."

15. This dashes the fairy tale-like ideas of receiving the promises "over there" on the other side after death. All that any are to enter into after death must already have begun to be their experience while still in this life. Indeed, according to what Jane says, it is these experiences and states of being which qualify for entrance into the various corresponding worlds after departure from this life. An example: the thief on the cross who acknowledged Christ could qualify for no higher than paradise, while Paul was caught into paradise (II Cor. 12:2 & 4) and to, but not into, third heaven (New Jerusalem) for there is apparently such a passing from Mount Zion into New Jerusalem and back again that they are almost considered by Jane to be synonymous. 

16. This is not a reference to astrology. Jane is speaking metaphorically and is alluding to the spiritual constellations, that is, to the person's election according to the foreknowledge of God.

17. This refers to those who have turned inward to the Christ within and have essentially left the outward life for the kingdom within. 

18. I must draw the reader's attention to the fact that here we see the powers of the world to come entrusted to those who are established in this place. I say this because of the much confusion being wrought by those among us who claim and declare that they have arrived. Such arrival shall not be completed without the accompanying power. Again and again, Jane asserts this thought, that God will not send forth such a glorious declaration naked, but clothed in power. Not the power of a mere Pentecost, either, but of Tabernacles; a power which speaks of an endless life. 

19. This Sea of Glass is mingled with fire for those still walking out their probation period. But for those who have overcome the Beast and his mark and his number and his name, there is no fire, only a Sea of Glass upon which they now stand. For where there is no wood (fallen human nature), the fire which cannot be quenched goes out.(Prov. 26:20

20. A people who were once so united with the Beast in his nature that they bore his name in their foreheads and performed his works all so very naturally, are to become so united with the Father, through the Son, that they now bear His name and the name of all this City stands for, in their foreheads. They shall also be so conformed to His nature, with nothing of the fallen creation to bind them down or to influence them, that they shall now perform the greater works of which Jesus spoke when He said, "And greater works than these shall ye do…

21. This invisible eternity is not to be confused with the Still Eternity wherein is God in His abstract and incomprehensible Being. 

22. This priestly mediatorship speaks of an ongoing work of redemption, for all must eventually come to the ultimate, God All in all! That is the New Jerusalem state for which the Son Himself delivers up the kingdom to the Father, that God may be All in all. (I Cor. 15:24-28).

23. We are not to carnally consider this statement as meaning that something shall be perceived as literally and geographically coming down out of the sky. What is here meant, if I err not, is that this higher world will come to be the real one perceived by all, though not necessarily into physical visibility, thus bringing an end to all visible and typical worlds. Even though we need not the witness of man, the Quantum Theory, only discovered within the last 40-50 years, does agree with this. 

24. It should not be thought a thing incredible that God is able to so renovate an individual as to suddenly translate him from one level of existence to another. He did it when you received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, did He not? 

25. I cannot but think this evidence, which Jane fails to name, is this very writing received by herself. Modesty would not allow her to say that this vessel, in whom these things were opened, had received such a work of preparation to this Jerusalem world. Though hid by the contemptible clay of humanity, it shall declare itself in that day when all things are made manifest. I must add in all honesty that this is only my personal speculation and opinion. 

26. Tradition-marred minds have been somewhat stumbled by this metaphorical term, "Virgin Wisdom" and "God's Spouse." If man was created in the image and likeness of God, and in so doing, God at the first made him male and female (Gen. 1:27) so that man had his virgin mate in himself, it is not possible that God has not the same corresponding condition in Himself. Let us not be so gun-shy of the Romish dogmas concerning the Virgin Mary (who is, by the way, truly blessed) and all the appellations erroneously given her, that we automatically flinch when some of these same terms are correctly used. 

27. I find it particularly enlightening to stop here and read again Proverbs 7:24-9:6, and all the things spoken here concerning this Virgin Wisdom. 

28. To simplify, God brought forth from the deepest abyssal deeps and center of Himself, and that which came forth was Wisdom. So much a part of Himself, so suitable to Him and agreeable with Him, that she is His spouse. It is she through whom all generated worlds exist and through which Wisdom all things are created by the Logos of the Son. She seems to be the generating power of the Holy Spirit. 

29. "The invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are seen, even His eternal power and Godhead" --Romans 1:20. Eve, the spouse of Adam and mother of all living, now brought forth into visibility, is but the type of God's Spouse as she exists in the Flaming Heart of Love in the Still Eternity of God, in the abstract. Abstract, meaning there is nothing visible there. All is intangible, ethereal and practically undefinable.

The German mystic, Jacob Boehme, who lived about 1577-1623, explained Virgin Wisdom something like this: "The Still Eternity of God, which is the nothingness of His freedom, is nowhere and in no space, but exists in the depths of your own soul. It is the source of everything, and yet it is nothing. Nothing is in this freedom except God. In this free sea of nothingness there is nothing for God to search into except Himself. God actually mirrors Himself into existence by searching into His own mind to see what He will be; what He wants to be. The mind of God is His Wisdom. This mind-mirror is the female aspect of His creative power. His Wisdom is the divine Sophia. She is His own mind. Sophia, the mind-mirror does not create. The Father principle creates, but Sophia holds the images in her mind-mirror of what the Father can be. Sophia stands symbolically before the Father as a mirror to show Him what He can be as He looks into His own mind." 

30. As Eve is properly called the mother of all living, so this Virgin Spouse of God shall be known as the Mother of all who shall inhabit this New Jerusalem from above. "But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all" --Galatians 4:26. She will train up all who shall eventually inhabit this realm. 

The virgin spirits mentioned here are a totally new thought. These are spirits which never fell and were never essenced with sin and so, have an altogether different tendency of mind and nature than our human, fallen and redeemed spirits. In fact, this is a concept so new to the understanding of most that it raises obvious questions. "What are these spirits? What is their origin and purpose? Are these spirits other and apart from the Holy Spirit?"

It becomes clear a little further on that these virgin spirits were generated and brought forth out of God Himself, through Wisdom, as He exists in the Still Eternity of God. Therefore, these virgin spirits, being brought forth out from God, are of His very essence! They could therefore be no less holy than the Holy Spirit Himself. They provide the tincture a redeemed man experiences, of which Jane speaks of in various other places. There is very little reason to become suspicious or uneasy about these virgin spirits since there are only a select number who shall qualify in the first place and secondly, by the time any have qualified for such an honor all doubt will have been removed and fears banished. 

If the New Jerusalem shall have no light of the sun of reason, nor light of the moon of the senses, nor even the candle-light of Bible knowledge, then, on the part of those making up the stones and inhabitants of this glorious city, it is to be required that a new habit of thought be given them. These new generated virgin-spirits are that.

31. It is hoped that the reader will please keep in mind that eternal carries with it not the sense of duration, but of timelessness; no time, for it is certain that all reigning in this kingdom, as far as Christ and the Overcomers are concerned, have certain limitations. "Then cometh the end, when He shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when He shall have put down all rule and all authority and power. For He must reign until He hath put all enemies under His feet" --I Cor. 15:24,25. 

32. This should shed some light on why we were so often so very dissatisfied in our infancy as we sought to men and doctrines and movements. Milk is not only good, it is essential for those who need it. It makes them ready and brings them to the place eventually of partaking of the meat of the Word. Sadly, some have disdained the breast of Wisdom, preferring instead to hang at the strange breast of the Harlot, and so never develop the taste or capacity for meat. 

33. Remember, Jacob Boehme says that God is in the very depths of your soul and He is the Original Matter from which all else must spring. While most of the Church World looks without, scanning the skies for the appearing of Christ, He is appearing within! As there is one form of worship in the Outer Court and another, yet higher form of worship in the Holy Place, there is a still higher form of worship in the Holy of Holies. It is a simple turning within to God to find Him waiting in the same garden from which Adam was so long ago expelled.

No sooner do we turn within than we find that we are indeed compassed about with such an evil, hellish principle which would seek to prevent us from being successful in our turning to God inwardly. But we are promised that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against His Church! Jacob Boehme says this of his experience; "So hard did I dig in, within the recesses of my being, towards the life of God and against the gates of Hell, that suddenly my spirit crashed through the gates of Hell and beyond even into the innermost moving of God Himself, and there I was suddenly embraced in love as a bridegroom embraces his dearly beloved bride." The bride who finds Him whom her soul loves shall not find Him upon her bed as before, or even in the broad ways and streets of religion. She must go down into her garden where she shall surely find Him feeding among the lilies. That is, feeding among those who are coming forth in His Lily-life. 

34. Those having put on their New Spiritual Body are seen being caught up to God and to His throne in Revelation 12:5. Those who are believers but who have not as yet put on this resurrection body are seen as the woman who must abide in lower regions, in the wilderness, until she is ministered to by those who have found the way in reality. She eventually comes up higher also, but a distinction between the Manchild/Firstfruits Company and those who later follow, should be understood. Even though the "woman" shall later follow the Firstfruits Company into the same fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ, neither she nor any other shall ever attain to the same rank, honor and status as the Sons -- as it pertains to relationship to the Father! But they shall be fully satisfied. 

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