MAY 1696


I now look to see that all should be actually wrought in you; to which end, I have poured out of My Spirit upon you, which may bring you through all up to Me.  Many are the deaths ye have passed over and I grant every death hath brought forth a rising Body so that ye are come so far as to bear the image of the Heavenly Man in which the Life-Seed doth spring. But this is not all you are to aspire unto.  You are here on earth to die with Jesus, for in all those foregoing deaths, you had not that fellowship as ye shall have with Me when I am grown up in you.

I, the Just One, died for the unjust; so I must personate this dying again in you after a paradisical manner, sowing My own pure Grain and Seed into the Mount Zion Ground. Such as the Seed and Soil is, such a Body in the Resurrection it will be and such a Body it will produce. And as you come thus to die in your Lord Jesus Christ in whom your life lies safe and inoculated, there will be no danger. And while you are sowing here, be not as others without hope, for indeed you sow not that Body which shall be to the account of a bare return.

For though it was sown a single seed, yet it shall be various and manifold.  Though the seed is sown contemptible, yet it shall rise honourable; and though sown as weak, yet it will rise mighty in strength.  So mighty, potent, strong, and honourable this Resurrection will be that it will bring forth the seed sown with another manner of body then what hath yet been known. For ye shall know all blessedness, indeed, by thus dying into Me.

Fear it not therefore, but valiantly spill your life and mingle it with Mine.   Then shall ye know a cessation to your own busy-acting properties. For that spirit which dieth into me ceaseth to sin, sweetly sleeping and slumbering in Zionís Golden Dust till I My secret Trump shall sound with the vial of Life quickening Oil poured in, which shall make the dead in you to come forth with an unchangeable habit and form of the Holy Ghost, of which I speak. I will after this manner raise up at the last Day: which Day to thee is very near if thou canst but sink and die so totally into Me, who do promise to thee thou shalt not lay here long buried.

                                    I, THE LORD

Before I the LORD will move again to the finishing of the last glorious mystery, the first that can die thus into Me shall rise as the firstfruits out of Me into a body Celestial, mighty and powerful. For My seed shall never see  corruption: it shall soon rise into a Mount Zion body. Lay but the sure ground-work hereunto and ye shall see and feel another Spirit and another form after this passive sleep.

For after it, ye shall awake in that Image which shall be no more despised, being all complete and giving proof of my Resurrection and Life. Oh blessed are they who can say that they were dead in Me and are alive evermore to reign with Me in My Kingdom, waiting for Me, their Lord from Heaven to bring them thither. For in this new risen Body, I shall not be ashamed of thee, it so signatured into the Fatherís Nature of Purity that in it thou mayst freely ascend to Me where I will meet with thee in the Light Airy Region and bring thee through all the Pearly Gates.

O come, resign, and die; know Me no more out of this dying and resurrection state. This death is not metaphorical, but the last enemy that is to be destroyed. Here sing ye may, that dwell in Zionís Golden Mold, and triumphantly cry, Oh Death, where is thy sting.  This for the everlasting gospel to such as have an ear to hear it: rejoice and give glory to God on High.

Now when the hour of this judgment shall fully come by ushering in the New Jerusalem freedom through the streets of Nature, this gospel ministration, (which is all Love, Grace, Mercy and Peace) by those shall then be proclaimed who do partake of this resurrection, as the firstfruits. They shall be honoured with this message to all those who in this Noahís Age are asleep in their dark prison-houses. For an Almighty Voice I in you, My Zion-born spirits,  will utter forth to call in more to know this Death-Liberty, and Life-Resurrection and ascension into all fellowships and free communions with the High Eternity, and Me, the Chief Head of all Zionís new risen Body.

Whereunto being come, no other banner will I display there but that Love which casteth out all bondage and fear.