Cantic. 4.16. Awake, O North Wind, and come thou South, blow upon my Garden, that the Spices may flow out: let by Beloved come into his Garden, and eat his pleasant Fruits.

Chap.6.2. My Beloved is gone down into his Garden to the Beds of Spices, to feed in the Gardens, and to gather Lillies.


A Bundle of Revelations Untied

Journal Entries from 1670 through 1676

November the 7th.
The Magical Journey

§ 1. IN my Spiritual Journey on to the Land of all blessed stores, a figure hereof was acted Magically before me: I  wasbeing carried to a gate, which was so narrow and strait, that there was no getting through, but by creeping upon the knees, and that with great difficulty too. And so I was led on still, till at length I came to another gate which was somewhat more easily to get through than the first but strait enough. So passing on yet further, there was a two leaved gate: but the one leaf opening was fitted exactly to my stature in heighth and breadth which gave entrance into a place where neither beginning nor end was to be found. And I said, what make I here alone? and the invisible guide that led me through these three gates answered that there would be some others that would come after me when they did hear where such a vast plantation was which was to be replenished with all sorts and kinds of good things: and yet no toil, labour, or care is required,. but know that it is appointed only for Wisdomís high Magicians to act here their powers that had passed through all her strait gates.

§ 2. This presentation, and the advice attending it, was very powerful which still I mulled over and searching deeper to have the exposition of the gates given unto me by and from the dropping Unction. For though my spirit saw nothing but an infinite space, yet I felt such a perfuming gale as if all manner of flowers were growing. But this word came also to me, saying, here is the place for Loveís Kingdom to grow with its natural Inhabitants that have left behind the gross selfish Love. That must not come here for that it is what makes the passage so strait.

§ 3. For none can come in till they be stripped and unclothed of the low sensual nature. In this place, all that shall be counted worthy tol come in here with thee must put on Transfiguration and act in the Supercelestial Philosophy as holy Magi that are skillful to work in the Furnace that is maintained  from the one burning element which giveth the High Superelementary Matter, the composition whereof maketh up the store of all acting wonders. Here then on a sudden did I in my spirit view several persons so divinely modified in their bodies that were highly learned in this mystery, that would sound forth such a spirit from themselves that might give an existence and being to whatever they pleased to will; sometimes raising up golden tents to go in and out and, at other times, making some places which seemed all empty and bare to spring up with wonderful plants that perfectly did yield their fruit, appearing in a golden lustre of brightness that was said to be magical food for the inhabitants hereof to live upon.

In other places, they without digging or moiling did bring up mines of all precious stones and Gglden ore which was at the command and service of these princely spirits that did walk up and down here. And whereas I thought at my first entrance here that I saw nothing, after a few moments of time had passed, thus replenished, I did see this place with spirits of such an high degree that did attract me immediately to them. Then did they put several philosophical questions to me which I did not comprehend. Whereupon one among the rest most courteously did offer himself to instruct and teach me saying morepver to me, he would open to me the mystery of their art. For he said he found there was that graven nature in me that would take impression from the supercelestial planets. So he placed me in a goodly yent, bidding me wait to go forth in the pure acts of faith, for therein I might come an Adeptist to be in this High Philosophy.

Here being a Considerable Defect in the Original, the Author waited in her Spirit to recall the same and upon the 22nd of March, in this Year 1696, she received this further Opening, as also in the following Days, here confirmed.

§ 4. Wisdom appearing to me, I inquired of her who these were.  She told me they were the ancient and late Worthies taught by her in her Divine Magical Stone, both in the Inward and in the Outward: and that the time was now approaching wherein she was to make new artists in this theosophical Wisdom that should put a new face upon what hath been disfigured and under a cloud of contempt, ignorance, and ignominy; for no other way than this could be found, but that this deep mine, wherein this treasure hath so long lain hidden, should be broken up.

Then the Apostle John, to whom this Mystery was well known and who was the person that had before spoken to me, spake thus to me, saying, as there is a natural Stone, so there is a spiritual Stone which is the Root and Ground of what is brought forth visibly by the sons of art. And as the outward is bodily and consists in a manual operation and takes a considerable time for its perfecting; so is the inward gradually wrought ou, and may require as many years as the other doth months before it reach to its Consummation.

Then I inquired of the Angel, John, How I should go about Working it? He answered me, There must be a cessation of all working as to the Powers of Nature: And I will describe to thee the method that is to be taken by the similitude of the outward. As there is a furnace to be built in that, so the corporeal man answers to tha, wherein the Fire-seed of the pure Deity doth enkindle itself from the essence of the soul, finding a sanctified vessel meetly prepared herefor. Now as to the matter which is to be wrought upon, it is the Divine Salt, put into a pure clear Crystalline Glass that is pure spirit. Furthermore, know thou that this salt is hidden in all men, but it hath lost its savour and is the Light Principle that contains all principles, Man being an epitome of all Worlds, though unknown to himself.

He may find in himself whatever he searcheth for: but this cannot be done until the Salt-Stone, which hath lain as dead, cometh to be quickened by Christ the Fire-Stone, that calcines the blackness into a jasper brightness and whiteness. This is the true Theosophical Medicine that doth gradually work from itself, of itself, and to itself, as a grain of wheat is sown and, by the Concurrence of the Sun and outward Planets, forms itself into a body. It is only to be watched that no ravenous Birds do come to pick it up before it arrive to its maturity.

Thus it is with the Golden Stone which lies hid in the Ground of Nature, which is nourished by the warm fiery influences of the Divine Sun and watered by the moist sperm of the spiritual Luna, which causeth it to vegetate, by the coagulation of the Planetary Powers of the higher Order drinking and swallowing up the weaker and lowe, by which dominion is obtained over all what is astral and elementary.

Thus the Beloved John did open the nature of this royal stone as it opened in him in the isle of Patmos when he was said to be in the Spirit. And he told me further, That where the Universal Love was born in any one, it was the true signature that this seraphic Stone would have its Formation.

§ 5. With Great freedom I made to enquire, well knowing this celestial Stone had already its birth and vegetation in me, whether my outward Furnace might not break before it was finished? Then replied this dear saint, Be not solicitous or concerned about that; but be patient in hope, for the true Philosophers Tree is sprung and is in a fair way to produce ripe Fruit.  Thou hast no other burden put upon thee but to set under it and to watch until the golden apples do drop of themselves. Then mayest thou know the multiplying virtue, and, as Eve did give of the Forbidden Tree to Adam, so possibly mayst thou, by a new created Virginity of Spirit, give forth to Wisdomís offspring plenteously hereof, by which multiplication from this virtual tree shall renew in thee both Spirit, Soul and Body.. It will be a dispensable gift so that such as have arrived to an high progress in it may awaken and multiply the same in another.

§ 6. Then was it further directed as to the matter of this Stone that the composition thereof was the Four-Elementary Matter which is to be sublimed and calcined by the Superiour Element in the tenth number of perfection and separated and sealed up in the glass of the sanctified Mind; that so the supernatural motions according to eternal nature may work out purity and leaven that is gross. So  there is no need of anything more to be done but to watch the fire that it may never go out until it be finished and be kept in a gentle nourishing heat till it come to its perfection.

§ 7. After this was described to me, it was said to me by Wisdom and by the Apostle John, Thou shalt now be brought to the Ancient Worthies that have made projection upon this Stone as well understanding it both as to the Spiritual and Natural Part of it. And when I was brought there, I saw the Patriarchs and all the great Philosophers divinely taught, both of former and latter Ages. Then was I led into a darkness which by a magical power changed these into a bright Silver Light. Afterward, I was brought into a barren dry ground by the speaking forth of only  a Word, as, Let this Soil be changed into a Fruitful Lebanon, brought up all the variety of pleasant Flowers and Plants, that sent out a mighty hot Perfume.

Then I was led on still to a mineral ground where were all the baser metals. And the Apostle John, who was the chief Magician, said, Come and see what is to be done here also. And he had in his hand a little vial, containing a Liquor like to Gold, and he dropped some drops of this upon each metal. They were all immediately transmuted into Lustrous Gold. Then I was led to another place where there was nothing but a reddish mould cast up: and then by the Word of the Power, which he spake forth, this earth was changed into forms after our human shape, but clarified and bright, standing up as a great Army.

And he said, These are the Fire-Stones that are to walk in this new Paradisiacal region as Glorified Figures like unto such as were here before them. Then I Queried how could it possibly be that such effects could be produced by any that in a mortal image did now appear upon the Earthr. Upon which the Beloved John answered me, All this that thou hast seen is possible again to be done by Wisdomís White Tincturing Stone formed within; by which the Great Wonders in the last concluding Age of the World shall make the grand Revolution, changing what is gross and vile first within, and then going further on to Transfigure even that which is without; according to that saying, The vile Body shall be changed, and reduced, and brought into the Glorious Liberty, whereby it may possess the Kingdom and Dominion with Christ the Glorified Head.

Then was it said, This is the true and faithful Mystery that hath been understood and unveiled to thee; for a foundation of faith and hope to Wisdomís children to look into and to wait for the formation in themselves of this White Virgin Stone. Then may they most freely and easily eat and work and nothing shall them control as to those worthy enterprises and exploits that are to be wrought which shall distinguish them to be the Sealed of the Living God signed with Power from on High.

A further Opening of the foregoing Vision, given in the same Month of November, 1674.

THE Word came to me, saying, The Love-Chain is not to be unlinked betwixt God and thee while the Spirit is the only eternal matter and quality whereon thou art to work. Therefore, a fast hold it will take on thee, so strongly, as to draw and fix thee in the circumference of the very Immense Love from which the enmity is separated and the curse of the elements divided and totally taken away.O enter, enter, I say, into it. This is the Infinite space that thou hast seen, which is beyond the third gate. This invisible Love-Chain will work thee through the first gate which os so strait and narrow; and so through the other two, if thou give it all length and breadth within thee to wind up swiftly. For what is so strong as Godís Love for restoring into the desired fruition of all plenty and goodness? Therefore be strong, and courageous in the Love in the passing through these several gates: and fear not all the attacks of the enemy till thou enter in this Blessed Land and be there married to thy Beloved.

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