Cantic. 4.16. Awake, O North Wind, and come thou South, blow upon my Garden, that the Spices may flow out: let by Beloved come into his Garden, and eat his pleasant Fruits.

Chap.6.2. My Beloved is gone down into his Garden to the Beds of Spices, to feed in the Gardens, and to gather Lillies.


A Bundle of Revelations Untied

Journal Entries from 1670 through 1676

Divine Openings and Revelations since the Year MDCLXX.

January the 22d. 1674

WISDOMíS Word opened yet again to me saying, "Arise, swiftly follow me: I will shew thee Greater Things than what hath yet been known to thee."  Whereupon I felt a mighty attractive Power drawing up my Spirit for Ascension; but I was surprised by a potent Enemy which did encounter me highly, charging me with a breach to Natureís Laws and how I stood obligated to her inasmuch as I had an outward Body which I ought to take in the Sense of its Elementary requirings and, accordingly make Provision [for bodily needs]  as the rest of my fellow Creatures in the World which were under the Government of that great Monarch Reason to whose Scepter all must bow that live in the Sensitive Animal Life.

These and such Arguments I was assaulted with and was pursued as Jacob was by Laban when he took his Flight to return to his Fatherís House. So greatly distressed was my Spirit, seeing itself so oppressed, that it could not tell where to make its escape or how to discharge myself from being a Subject to this Starry Kingdom as I stood in the Line of Nature. I was under the dominion of the Starry Region, in the strife of the four Elements which brought in the Curse where Care and Fear and the toil and labour of the Body did consist. Saith the Prince of the earthly Life, How wilt thou acquit thyself from my Laws, and break thy Brother Esauís Yoke from off thy Neck?

Thus, in obedience having drawn up my Charge and having good proof and witness hereof, I presented it to the view of my Mother, who said, "Are these things so indeed? I shall advise with the Deity how to destroy them out of thy inward Coasts, seeing thou dost not join or take any part with them, but hast brought in Evidence against them as Traitors to the Crown, Dignity, and Dominion of the Lamb whose Power they would depose him of in his chosen and elect Seed.  And though these evil seducing Spirits think their Mountain so strong that it is never to be moved, yet know their Day of Judgment is hastening on apace and they will be given up to be tried by the fiery Law which issueth forth from the Ancient of Days, who hath appointed a Day in which he will avenge his Elect that cry mightily to him as oppressed by these invading Spirits.

"Be of good Comfort: the Judge is nominated, the Jury is chosen by whom the Verdict will be given; therefore, be true to the Interest of my Son who is appointed to judge the World in thee and to cast out Hell, Sin and Death, the Beast and his retinue into that Lake [within] where there shall be no return out thence to assault thee more with their Dregs and Poisonous Floods. This is to be done by joining Issue and Power with me who am come to help thee against the great Leviathan who makes War most where he sees his Time of Reigning is almost worn out and that he must have no more place; who thinks it very great Injustice to be cast out of Manís Nature before the laying down the Mortal Body.

"But, oh, to thee let me commend this present state, that in my Virgin-Purity thou mayest still be found; for I delight to see thee all fair: then  I would frequently visit with my presence most satisfiedly wherein you tell me all your Joy doth lie. Then droop not, but be most pleasant as those whose Name and Place is ever with me. Call in also those who are apt to be of doubtful Heart. Unanimously go forward, remembering what the true Nazarite is to be: of Holy Courage and Divine Magnanimity.  No more must such hang down the Head or give way to feebleness of Mind but display the Power which is concealed in the Seven Locks.   It is needful that you do draw out all Force.  For while these Earthly Spirits do border upon your Land, they will be scouting out: therefore, without my proved Armour dare not  to parley [conversationalize or countenance] with them; this is the Charge I shall leave with thee."

August the 10th

OH, the Wrestling Wheel that I did feel moving to grind the Earthly part down, setting all at variance in me that so it [the Wrestling Wheel] might still keep uppermost and subdue the numerous Hosts that would have forced my Will; for did that but yield, then the Field where the Treasure and Substance is concealed would be obnoxious to the Robber and Spoiler  who hath watched to take the Prize from me. Therefore, I am placed in variety of Temptations to prove whether or not I can stand and let the waves still beat and go over me and fear no ill while the Ark of Faith doth inclose about me.  The great Swellings of Jordan shall not afright me while I do see the strength of Salvation so nigh that willeth and bringeth to pass according to the out-flowing of the Omnipotency, which from the new-born-Will most prosperously effecteth all things.

Then will it be seen what the Conjoining [uniting] of the Eternal Constellations [Star Spirits] bringeth forth upon the hidden Man through their Fiery Drivings which now thrust forward for Consummation that I might see the issue of what I have been made to hope and believe and pray for. Though Prophecies and Revelations do for a time most delightfully entertain the Internal Senses, yet  they are short of the Body which consisteth of the Heavenly Things  themselves. As it is well said, Prophecies, Tongues, and Faith, and Hope shall have their Cessation but the Kingdom of the Love, all Concord, the bright Bodified Spirit that hath received Dominion as a super-addition is beyond the Priestly and Prophetical Office.

But while I was reaching after and inquiring when I might expect the coming down of the Seven-Throne-Powers which are the Pillars of this Kingdom by whom it will be    established for ever in the Perfection of Righteousness, the Word said to me, "Rest a while.  These two are the foregoing Ministrations that will make much for the third, the Holy Order of a Priest to give attendance in the Tabernacle. It is no light thing to be near to the Majesty of Purity which requires a perfect Consecration.

"For the Holy Being will have none about Him to minister to Him but anointed Ones from whom may be smelled the Spicy Perfume that nothing of the dead unsavory part may be felt.  This will qualify for the Ordination of the Power. Here wait till made perfect.  Then thy own Hands shall be sufficient for thee, whereby thou wilt find ability to fetch in out of the secret Tower where is kept, for every full grown one, this presented great Jewel of Power which I dare not commit to any till they become perfectly  wise and of a sound and unchangeable mind to keep secret whatever the will-pleasure of the Deity desires to have concealed from the unworthy.  No unfaithful Delilah shall evermore herewith be entrusted which be of a double mind, which goeth after any Lover besides me; therefore, make proof of Truth, Love and Loyalty  [INTEGRITY!] in a fixed Virginity before this discovery be made forth in Verity: but this know, the true Nazarite is with Him who will not be deceived in his choice as the figurative Sampson was.

"This mighty Man of strength will take none into his Bosom but such as may be confided in. Therefore, if thou wouldst be His Delilah, of perfect Beauty with spotless Chastity which will well please this mighty Prince of Peace, He will not thence refuse thee when well assured that thou hast declined and forsaken thy [natural] Fatherís House and Kindred, nevermore to turn back to them, but to cleave constantly to Him. Then He will repose His Head on thy Lap and reveal His hidden Strength to thee and conceal nothing from thee,  being in Joint-Union, no more twain [two], but one Spirit:

"The Seven Locks of His Power He will suffer thee to unloose and draw out from there such Might as may slay and overcome the Philistines Host, which have been such prickling Briars to invade thy inward Coasts and thy most holy Place which is appointed for the Ark of the Covenant to rest there. But behold, now is risen a Judge and Law-giver, One that is mighty to save and deliver out of the Hands of all thy Enemies, Who twill be thy true Covering in the Day of Battle.

"Therefore, henceforth fear not those Warriours that come forth with the Goliathís Spear and Shield.  The Champion which keeps within shall make them all to stagger, kill and fall, for the true Sampson will maintain Victory over all.  It is well worth the sheltering under His mighty Wing. Here with safety thou mayst sit and upon His Love do thou incroach still, who will not be offended though thou intrude thyself, His Delilah, to draw out His Heart more to thee till He shall make known His great Secrets unto thee.

"I well know this is the only precious thing:  no one can ever be made privy here till Wisdom be the Bride-Garment upon their Eternal Man.  Then, ravished with thy Beauty and with a pleasant Aspect, Emmanuel will look towards thee and give thee to read within the seven sealed Book. There is the interpretation of all in the History as from whence I give thee to understand the Mystery of the Nazariteís seven Locks.  They answer to the seven Seals of this Book of Life which is only to be opened by the Virgin completed in the seven number of Spirits which are the seven All-seeing Eyes that only can read in this Book.  This is the true Ground-work of all those wrestling working Properties which are moved by me, as thou dost in thyself feel a new Frame and Model for great and precious substance to be taken into.

"Therefore take heed now and let thy inward part  be no more for common use ; for these Throne-Powers which have visited thee will admit no mixture of company. All of one sort will meet in pure Harmony in this Love-paved Sanctuary where desirable fellowship will dwell there in free Liberty, and where thou wilt have opportunity in Loveís Sanctuary to dive and search till thou findest out what lieth hid within the Breast of thy worthy Nazarite who now hath received His full Dowry.  The Father hath invested Him with all Power.  To a full and perfect state of Glory He is now installed.

"Then doubt not but He hath abundantly wherewith to gratify thee.  A higher and greater Match I could not contrive for myself in thee.  Consider hereof well and carry it according to my Counsel.  Then shalt thou draw his Heart still down, the Tabernacle of witness in thy Heaven, the Rainbow in the Cloud, which thou hast seen as the Mark or Seal of the Covenant betwixt God and thee.  According as it is written in the Prophets, He shall be given for a Covenant:

"What to do? Not to read over as a dead Letter.  No, thou shalt witness Him as thy Prophetical Spring, a Book written within thee, to which you do turn now with all those seven Eyes that this Rainbow in thy New Heavens may inclose thee as a Throne-Circle with Him as a secret Pavilion where no adulterated thing can break through to disturb while thou art looking into this New Testament, which shall never be trusted out of this pure Circle of the Lifeís Covenant into which, by my Virgin Purity, thou only canst pass in.

"If I were not at hand all over in an Oily Pool to bathe and drench thee throughout so that the glorified Eye may think thee all fair; and send forth a Spicy Breath of Air which only is agreeable for thee with thy fellow Branch; and as may be not only worthy yet but also bold and free to take and read this Book of Life which as I this Day have shewn to thee; that other Book, which is always to be found wide open in the common and outward place - to which thou art invited thereinto to look by the earthly dark part - would retain thee there [in the common and outward place].

"But out of this Book of Death thou mayst not look, which is a flowing Source of strong reasoning that as a Wall would inclose and captivate thy Mind, that it should need only the Deathís Lines that hath been the putrefying that have kept the whole Universe Prisoners in the Black Dungeon of Sin.  Now to this end I have presented thee with these Two Books [The Living New Testament (Him) and the Book written within thee], that henceforth thou mayst avoid consulting with that which always is at hand and so readily doth offer itself unto the view. But I am come absolutely to forewarn not only thee but such as are growing up with thee:  upon pain of my displeasure, you would not turn your Eyes out any more. For great is your danger, if under the Law of this first Covenant wherein Eternal dying is, that you still should be found in parley [conversation] therewith; but come now, draw in, my wise and obedient Children.  I have provided this other Book, to be unloosened:

The Seven Seals no longer shall stand before it because I in favour am with the Lamb, who will hide nothing from His Virgin-Spouse. Therefore, in my Light you may see in this Book  where you may come to your lost dignity. It may as well be entitled Wisdomís Book of Revelation; for without me, you could understand nothing here, though it stood all open to you.  I myself must be the Interpreter, to tell you Letter by Letter, for you know
not yet what number it is that makes up your New Name till you do see what challenge can be made to the rest of the whole unrolled Mystery.  But as in a Metaphorical Look through my Glass, in the first Leaf unfolded thou wilt see the engraving of that Name with Letters of Gold.

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